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Workshop Calendar

Workshops are discussion board events presented by eBay staff, special guests and expert users. Covering a variety of topics, workshops combine informative material with interactive discussion.

Anyone with an eBay user ID is welcome to participate. Just review the schedule below, and drop by the workshop's web address at the specified time. Read what others have to say, post your own questions or just hang out and enjoy! Workshops are archived for several months, so you can read what has been presented at past live events.

Suggestions: Looking to learn more about a particular subject and hoping eBay will host a workshop on the topic? Send your suggestions to

 Upcoming Workshops  
There are no new workshops currently scheduled. Please check back soon for updates.
 Archived Workshops  
  29/11/2005 : eBay Reviews & Guides
  17/11/2005 : Holiday Shopping on eBay
  30/09/2005 : How to get Help on eBay
  28/09/2005 : eBay & Canada Post Workshop

  20/09/2005 : eBay & PayPal Workshop on Spoof & Phishing Emails
  15/09/2005 : How to Buy & Sell Your Vehicle on eBay
  25/08/2005 : eBay Workshop with Canada Post
  29/08/2005 : Workshop on Collecting with Harry Rinker: TV's "Collector Inspector"
  04/08/2005 : Recently Announced Feedback Changes

  14/07/2005 : The New My Messages
  07/07/2005 : eBay Workshop with Canada Post
  03/06/2005 : The New Answer Centre
  27/05/2005 : eBay Workshop with Canada Post
  13/05/2005 : How to Sell

  06/05/2005 : How to Become an Education Specialist
  24/03/2005 : PayPal Workshop
  23/01/2005 : Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
  28/01/2005 : Introducing Want It Now
  26/01/2005 : New Item Not Received Process

  15/12/2004 : Keeping Safe Online
  08/12/2004 : Last Minute Holiday Selling
  06/12/2004 : Updated Discussion Board Policy
  09/11/2004 : Understanding the eBay Store
  07/10/2004 : Borderfree Buyer Tools

  15/09/2004 : Seller Tools
  26/08/2004 : How Keywords Can Help You Sell More
  17/06/2004 : Workshop on Motors
  19/02/2004 : PayPal Buyer Protection and Integration

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