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Sharing with eBay members

We have a number of ways to communicate with other eBay members when you have questions, or just want to share information.

Help topics

Community resources

About the eBay community
We’re committed to the principles of respect and communication. Read more about our values and resources.

Sharing what you know
Remember what it was like to win your first item? Share what you know with new eBay members.

Discussion boards and chat
We have dozens of discussion boards and chat rooms to help you connect with other members.

Answer Centre
Get quick answers from other eBay members, and share helpful information.

Finding out what’s happening
Stay informed about eBay news, events, and programs.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

Receive automatic updates on your favourite categories, eBay announcements, and blogs.

Creating your own content

Member-created content

Find out how you can communicate on eBay and express your opinions.

Creating a My World page

Customize your My World page to reflect who you are.

Creating an About Me page

Tell the world about yourself and your interests.

Using search tags

Help other members find content that you create by adding keywords.

Contact us

Have a question? We can help.

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Ask eBay members

Get help from other eBay members. Visit the Answer Centre to post a question.