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Using the listing page

The listing page displays when you click a title in search results. From this page, you can read about, watch, bid on, or purchase an item.

About the listing page

When buying an item, be sure to read the information in each section carefully. It's important to understand the seller's description of the item, their shipping terms, refund, and return policies, and other terms and conditions before you bid or commit to buy the item.

If you see a Buy It Now price on a listing, this means you can purchase the item right away without waiting for the listing to end. For items that have a Buy It Now price only, there is no bidding and you can purchase the item right away.

For auction-style listings, the current bid, time left in the auction, and the bid history appear.

During the final 24 hours of an auction-style listing, the time remaining for the listing is updated once every second. (Your experience may vary according to your connection speed, computer capacity, and other factors.)

If a Reserve not met link appears below the current price, the seller has a minimum price that they will accept for the item. As a buyer, you can't see the minimum price, but you can see if it has been met. Learn more about reserve price listings.

For items that have both a bid price and a Buy It Now price, the Buy It Now option may disappear if a buyer places a bid.

Learn about different ways of buying.

The top of the listing

The top of the listing shows information about the item, including:

  • the title

  • item images

  • the item's condition

  • bidding and buying information

The Seller info section

The Seller info section tells you about the seller's Feedback, experience, and contact methods. You can get a good idea of your seller's reputation by reviewing the following:

  • The seller's Feedback: The Feedback score is the number in parentheses next to the seller's user ID. Buyers and sellers can rate each other for transactions by leaving Feedback. Next to the Feedback score, you might see a star. Feedback stars are awarded to members for earning 10 or more Feedback ratings. The Feedback percentage represents the number of positive Feedback ratings received by this seller in the last 12 months, divided by the total number of Feedback ratings (negative, neutral and positive) received by this seller in the last 12 months.

  • The seller's other activities: For example, the seller may have icons after their user ID, such as an eBay Store icon. When you click an icon, you can see what else the seller may want to share or have to sell. Learn more about a seller by:

    You can learn more about a seller by visiting the seller's eBay Store or viewing the seller's other items to see what else the seller is selling.

To learn more about evaluating a seller, see Knowing your seller.

The Other item info section

Here you'll find the item number, location, where the seller ships, and the preferred payment method.

Additional information

The second part of the listing shows tabs that provide the details you need to make an informed buying choice.

Description tab: This tab shows the listing details include item specifics and a description, plus any other information the seller has provided about their policies or items. Read the item description and take a look at any additional photographs. Some sellers also include shipping, payment, return policies, and more in this section.

If you have any questions about the listing, click the Ask a question link.

Shipping and payments tab: This tab shows the payment details including the payment method and how you're protected on eBay.

Read this section carefully for information on shipping and handling, the seller's return policy, and payment details. The shipping and handling section tells you where the seller will ship to, shipping discounts, choice of shipping methods, and estimated delivery time.

You can also find details about the seller's return policy including when the item needs to be returned by and how refunds are given.

Note: A seller may have revised the listing to make clarifications or enhancements. If you want to see what the revisions are, click the View all revisions link on the Description tab. If you are watching the item, review the listing again before you bid on or buy the item.

If you have already purchased from the listing, you can review the information from the time when you bought it. To review this information, click the View purchased item link at the top of the listing. Or go to the Order details page and click the View purchased item link.

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