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Resolving transaction problems in the Resolution Centre

If you ever have a problem with a sale, eBay is here with resolution guidelines, programs, and services to help you get the best outcome possible.

  • Unpaid item cases are handled differently from other Resolution Centre cases. Use the unpaid item process if you're a seller whose buyer hasn't paid, or if you're a buyer who's been notified of an unpaid item case.

  • If you have a problem regarding Feedback or identity theft, use the Contact Us links in help.

Try communicating with your trading partner

Most problems are best resolved with early and direct communication between the buyer and seller. Contact your trading partner to discuss the issue by phone or email. Review our tips for communicating with your trading partner—they'll help you resolve issues as quickly and easily as possible.

Working it out in the Resolution Centre

If you're not able to work things out directly with your trading partner, you can open a case in the Resolution Centre. eBay then contacts your trading partner and helps you both discuss, track, and resolve your case.

As a buyer, the Resolution Centre will help you when:

  • You pay for and receive an item, but it doesn't match what was described in the listing. For example, the listing says it's new but it looks used, or the listing says it's a book, but it's a DVD.

  • You pay for an item but don't receive it.

  • If you paid with PayPal, you'll automatically be directed from eBay to the PayPal Resolution Center, and you may be covered by PayPal Buyer Protection. You can also go directly to the PayPal Resolution Center.

As a seller, the Resolution Centre will help you when:

Timing is important

If someone opens a case with you, it's important to respond quickly and work with your trading partner to resolve the problem. Most issues have a window for when you can open cases, be credited for certain fees, or be eligible for buyer protection. You'll receive this information when you file a case.

If you don't address your trading partner's concerns or don't respond within the time specified, the case could be escalated to our Trust and Safety team. 

  • If you're a seller, you have 7 days to respond to a case for items not received or that don't match the seller's description.

  • If you're a buyer, you have 4 days to pay for an unpaid item once you've been notified. If you don't respond, the unpaid item could be recorded on your account, which can lead to restrictions or suspension of your account.

If you've had a problem with your purchase, contact us so we can help.

  • You'll need to wait until after the estimated delivery date or 7 days after making payment if you weren't given an estimated delivery date.

  • You have up to 45 days after you paid to open a case.

You and the seller have 7 days from the time a case is opened to work things out. If 7 days have passed, and you're unable to come to an agreement, you should escalate the case to eBay.

If you paid with PayPal, you'll automatically be directed to PayPal's Resolution Centre. When you pay with PayPal, you're backed by PayPal's Purchase Protection.

Note: If you need to refresh your memory about the item that the case refers to, click the View purchased item link in the Resolution Centre.

Responding to the correct version of the listing

It's possible that the seller has listed more than one version of a listing. To make sure that your case is for the correct version, click the View purchased item description link in the Item details box.

Responding to a case

To respond to a case:
  1. Your trading partner lets us know about a problem by submitting a case through our Resolution Centre.

  2. You receive an email from eBay describing the case.

  3. Read about the issue and click Respond Now.

  4. The Resolution Centre – Case details page appears. Fill in your information and click Submit response.

  5. You receive a confirmation that your response has been sent to your trading partner.

  6. Keep communicating until you've resolved the case.

    • To help yourself, your trading partner, and eBay keep track of your communication, respond to the case only as indicated by the emails through the Resolution Centre.

  7. Track the case in the Resolution Centre.

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