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Paying with gift certificates, coupons and gift cards

You can pay for eBay items with e-gift certificates, gift cards, and coupons. You need to have eBay and PayPal accounts, but if you don't, you'll be given the opportunity to register on eBay and sign up for a PayPal account when you purchase an item.

About e-gift certificates, gift cards, and coupons

You can pay for all or part of a purchase using gift certificates, gift cards, or a coupon.

E-gift certificates

You can use an e-gift certificate purchased on eBay..

Gift cards

You can purchase a gift card from a participating retailer, even if you're not a registered eBay member.


We occasionally send out coupons that members can use to pay for items.

To use an e-gift certificate, gift card, or coupon for a purchase:

  • The seller needs to accept PayPal as a payment method.

  • You need to use PayPal to purchase the item within 10 days of the end of the listing.

You can use more than one e-gift certificate or gift card per purchase. However, you can use only one coupon per purchase.

Redeeming an e-gift certificate, gift card, or coupon

To redeem an e-gift certificate, gift card, or coupon, you'll need to log into your PayPal account when you purchase the item. If you don't have an account, you'll be given an opportunity to sign up.

To use an e-gift certificate, gift card, or coupon:
  1. Click the Pay now button.

  2. If the seller offers more than one shipping option, select the one you want.

  3. Enter the redemption code in the Redeem a Gift Card, certificate, or coupon field.

    Tip: If you received your redemption code online, it's easier to copy and paste it into the redemption code field instead of typing it.

  4. Click the Apply button to see your new order total, and then click the Continue button.

  5. On the next page, log in to your PayPal account.

  6. Select a PayPal payment method, and then click the Continue button.

  7. Check your order details, and then click the Confirm payment button.

eBay coupon tips

  • To see if you have a coupon, go to My eBay and scroll down and look for a coupon section with a yellow bar. You'll only see this coupon section if you have a coupon.

  • When you start shopping on eBay, be sure the seller accepts PayPal.

Other terms

E-gift certificates and gift cards:

  • Our gift certificates don't expire and no maintenance fees are charged on unused gift certificate balances.

  • Please read the reverse side of the gift card or gift certificate for any additional terms and conditions.


  • To use a coupon, items must meet all coupon requirements.

  • The coupon must not have expired. The expiration date is on the coupon.

  • Coupons are non-transferable.

  • Only one coupon can be used per purchase.

  • eBay coupons can't be used for purchases.

  • If you win an auction-style listing or purchase an item using Buy It Now, you're required to buy the item even if you can't use the coupon you intended for that purchase.

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