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Using off-eBay tools to revise your listings in bulk

There are several ways to edit multiple listings at the same time:

  • You can edit them directly from My eBay

  • You can edit them offline using an eBay tool like Turbo Lister or Blackthorne

  • You can use a third-party tool

Before you begin, find out about what you can and can't edit.

Using Turbo Lister to edit your listings

You can edit up to 1,000 listings at a time using Turbo Lister:
  1. Open Turbo Lister, and click Listing Activity on the left.

  2. Click Active Listings.

    Important: To edit items in bulk with Turbo Lister, select multiple items by holding Shift or Ctrl while selecting individual listings from the grid, then select Edit > Edit Multiple Items.

  3. Click Synchronize at the top of the screen.

    Note: Leave only the Active and Scheduled Listings check box selected.

  4. Click the Synchronize Now button.

  5. Double-click on any of your listings.

  6. Make your changes.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Click the Synchronize button.

Editing your listings with Blackthorne

If you subscribe to Blackthorne, you can use it to edit your live listings.

If you use presets and the field you would like to edit is part of a preset:
  1. Go to Tools/Options in the menu, and then select Presets.

  2. Select the preset you would like to change and click Edit.

  3. Modify the fields you need and click OK to confirm.

  4. Click OK again to update all items using this preset.

  5. Click Yes to update the running listings.

If you don't use presets:
  1. In the Running folder in the Monitor Listings view, select the running listings that you want to edit.

  2. Click Bulk Change.

  3. In the Field dropdown, select the field you would like to change, then click Action and add the new value. You can bulk edit several fields at the same time. Select More to add another file to edit.

  4. Once finished, click Assign.

  5. Click Yes to modify the running listings.

Using the Excel plug-in for eBay

eBay has created a plug-in that adds eBay-specific features to Microsoft Excel. A plug-in is a small program that you can download and install to add features to exsiting programs.

When you download and install the plug-in, you can manage all your eBay listings directly in Microsoft Excel. From there you can create new listings, relist ended listings, end current listings, and edit existing listings. You can also get a report of your sold items and add tracking information for items you have shipped. 

Try the Excel plug in now

Using a third-party tool to edit your listings 

You can use one of many tools built by third-party developers to edit your listings. Many of these tools can edit thousands of listings at a time. See what's available on our Certified Provider site.

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