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How do I pay my selling fees?

When you set up your seller account, you specify an automatic payment method to pay your seller fees. You can also pay fees with a onetime payment. If you make a onetime payment, check your billing cycle date to make sure you allow at least 5 days between your scheduled automatic payment and your onetime payment to prevent duplicate payments.

You can update your chequing account information or remove a payment method from your account any time.

Ways you can pay

You can pay your seller fees in several ways:

  • PayPal

    PayPal is a safe, convenient way to pay your eBay fees. When you sign up for monthly PayPal payments, your amount due is automatically deducted from your PayPal account each month. You can also make a onetime payment using your PayPal account.

  • Automatic credit card payments

    Each month, we automatically charge your fees directly to the credit card you place on file. Your credit card is usually charged 5 to 7 days after you receive your invoice. You can also make a onetime payment with your credit card.

  • Pre-Authorized Direct Debit from your chequing account

    Pre-Authorized Direct Debit is available to sellers who are billed in Canadian dollars with Canadian bank accounts. With Pre-Authorized Direct Debit, we automatically deduct your seller fees from your chequing account on the same day each month. To sign up for Pre-Authorized Direct Debit, you need to provide your bank account and routing number, which are shown on the bottom of your cheques. You can also make a onetime Pre-Authorized Direct Debit payment from your chequing account. Your payment will be posted to your account within 2 business days.

  • Cheque (for businesses only)

    It may take up to 10 business days after we receive your cheque to process and post the payment to your account. When paying by cheque, submit a payment coupon along with your cheque and mail it to the address on the coupon. Allow 10 business days plus delivery time between the date you mail the payment and your payment due date.

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