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PayPal on eBay
Buyers choose PayPal more than any other payment method on eBay.*
Here's why:
You're covered
• PayPal covers your eBay purchases for the full purchase price and original
shipping costs. See eligibility
• Sellers don't see your financial information.
• You get 100% protection for unauthorized payments sent from your account.
You pay the way you want
• You can use your PayPal balance, bank account, or a credit card.
• If you use a credit card, you still earn any rewards that apply to that card.
• There's no fee when you use PayPal to make a purchase.
You save time
• Setting up an account is fast and easy. And once you do it, you don't have to
fumble with cards or enter numbers every time you pay.
• The sooner the seller gets paid, the sooner your shipment arrives.
You can shop internationally
• Enjoy a global shopping spree while paying securely in 18 currencies.
* 2008 eBay and PayPal Canadian study showing that eBay buyers choose PayPal 91% of the time PayPal
is offered, and that PayPal is offered on 99% of eBay listings that end in a sale.
Fees apply when making a currency conversion
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