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As your business on eBay grows, you can track, manage, and streamline your selling with these powerful tools—many of which are free to use

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Automating the listing and inventory management process helps you list in bulk, manage inventory across multiple channels, manage payments, and process orders.

eBay listing tools

  • Selling Manager

    Quickly create and manage listings, track sales status, and perform post-sales tasks like leaving Feedback and printing shipping labels—all from one central location. It’s an ideal selling solution for sellers who want to streamline and optimize the way they sell.

    Cost: FREE

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  • Selling Manager Pro

    Building on the great features of Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro offers powerful extras that make it easy to maximize selling efficiency, including inventory management, additional automated listing and relisting options, automated Feedback, and monthly sales reports.

    Cost: Selling Manager Pro is C$15.99 a month, but comes FREE with Premium and Anchor-level eBay Stores subscriptions.

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  • Turbo Lister

    eBay Turbo Lister is a FREE listing tool that gives you the power to upload and edit items in bulk. It helps you create professional-looking listings and includes search tools that will help you find items fast. It also provides special views for better control of your listings and it lets you develop and save listing templates.

    Cost: FREE

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  • File Exchange

    Ideal for high-volume sellers, this FREE end-to-end selling tool enables you to list multiple items on eBay in a single file. You can choose to list items using flat files from an Excel spreadsheet, MS Access, or other inventory software, then transfer them easily and efficiently to eBay.

    Cost: FREE

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Third party listing tools

  • Auctiva

    Auctiva Logo

    Auctiva can save you both time and money when it comes to managing the scheduling and automation of your listings. Auctiva offers a simple one-page listing tool, image hosting, and scrolling galleries. This tool also helps consignors track and manage consignment sales and commission plans.

    Cost: Subscriptions starting at just $4.98 per month with your discount.

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  • Channel Advisor

    Channel Advisor Logo

    Channel Advisor helps eBay sellers and retailers efficiently sell across multiple online channels. They help you manage inventory, listings, cross-promotion, payment, shipping and sales reporting.

    Cost: Varies

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  • inkFrog

    inkFrog Logo

    An easy-to-use, web-based tool for efficient listing, photo uploading, and managing your eBay sales.

    • Edit and schedule listings in bulk
    • Support for multiple eBay accounts
    • Smartlister with Terapeak research integration

    Subscriptions starting at just $9.95 per month with your discount

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  • Kyozou

    Kyozou Logo

    Focused on inventory management system for small to medium-volume sellers. Kyozou is a full-featured listing management solution that can help you automate and organize many aspects of your online business, including inventory and warehouse management, auctions, integration with online marketing venues, and more. Unique features include bar code scanning, pickup scheduling, and returns management.

    Cost: Varies

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  • Magento

    Magento Logo

    Get a great online store with all the features you need to delight your customers.

    Magento eCommerce solutions can help you increase traffic, grow your business and succeed online. Our cost-effective solutions—trusted by more than 208,000 merchants worldwide—give you the power to control and customize the look, feel, content and functionality of your store. And you have access to a robust partner network, consulting services, support and training to help ensure your success.

    Costs vary—there’s a Magento eCommerce solution right for your budget and company

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  • Mercent

    Mercent Logo

    For large multichannel retailers

    If you are a large retailer, Mercent can integrate you with eBay using the Large Merchant Services (LMS) platform. This provides you with the ability to handle scalability requirements including catalogs and high transaction volumes. It also helps you stay in sync with retail systems, offers seamless integration with PayPal, plus automated monitoring and management of your data feeds, and easy-to-use classification tools for launch and ongoing changes.

    Cost: Varies

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  • Monsoon Commerce

    Monsoon Commerce Logo

    For medium-volume sellers

    Monsoon Commerce is an e-commerce solutions company powering the online success of mid-sized merchants. Their integrated solutions allow you to easily manage inventory, orders, and fulfillment; sell more products in more places; and intelligently price products across channels.

    Cost: Varies

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  • Seller Sourcebook

    Seller Sourcebook Logo

    Seller Sourcebook offers you an easy-to-use tool for listing and image hosting. It also provides a large template gallery. Their flat rate service for beginner and advanced eBay sellers includes listing, scheduling, and coordination of listings.

    Cost: Monthly subscription $8.00; quarterly subscription $21.00

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  • SixBit

    SixBit Logo

    A desktop-based, all-in-one selling tool that lets you list, manage, and analyze your eBay sales.

    • Full-featured automation for managing inventory and order processing
    • World class support

    Cost: Subscriptions starting at just $13.99 per month with your discount

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  • Vendio

    Vendio Logo

    For larger sellers selling through multiple channels

    Vendio offers both a desktop and hosted solution to help you manage your eBay listings. They help you manage inventory, listings, payment and shipping. Special Vendio reports help you manage your business and Vendio Reviser allows you to easily update your listings. Photo hosting and design templates are free.

    Cost: $39.95–$149.95 for standard plans. Customized plans available

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Sales insight & research

  • Sales Reports Plus

    eBay's FREE Sales Reports help you track your key performance metrics so you can measure your existing eBay business against sales goals, understand the main drivers of your business, determine areas of opportunity and areas of improvement, and refine your strategy to ensure success. Your personalized Sales Reports are online and available 24/7. Just sign in to My eBay and click on the "Sales Reports" link under My Subscriptions. When your new sales report is ready, eBay will send an email to your registered email address, so be sure to opt in for your updates.

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  • Seller Dashboard

    A personalized Seller Dashboard is available to all sellers with 10 or more Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) within the last 12 months. Use it to track your DSRs, see your seller performance standing, and manage your business.

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  • Listing Analytics application

    This free application can help you increase your sales by providing insight into how your listings perform. The application also helps you identify specific areas to improve your listings and business practices to help your sales.

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  • Terapeak

    Terapeak Logo

    Terapeak Marketplace Research can help you find hot new items to sell as well as improve your existing eBay listings. You can quickly obtain research through their lightweight web-based tool on best times to list, top keywords, item values, bid rates, and much more.

    Cost: Single site $29.95/month, billed monthly

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Other resources

  • Multi-variations

    Instead of creating a number of separate listings for an item that has multiple options, you can create a single multi-quantity fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer. Available in select categories—learn more.

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  • Automated Answers

    Answering buyer questions is a big part of doing business on eBay. This free and handy tool actually helps you answer your buyers' questions before they ask. Resolve questions quicker, and close sales faster.

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  • The eBay catalogue

    The eBay catalogue is an extensive online library of product information and images for you to use when you list your items on eBay. Listing with the eBay catalogue is a fast and easy way to create professional, detailed listings for your items—making it easier for your customers to find and buy exactly what they’re looking for.

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