Listing on Multiple Sites

Reach global buyers with one login or one listing—
it's up to you

One login—multiple sites

You can use your login to sign in and list your item on any one of eBay's global sites. When you create a listing this way, your listing will appear in the regular search results of that eBay site.

Remember, regular selling listing fees apply and can vary from site to site. Learn more about selling internationally on other eBay sites.

More exposure from a single listing

Listings created on that offer shipping to the US automatically show up in the search results for, at no extra charge. But if you want even more exposure for your listing, you can market your item to the major Engish speaking eBay sites—eBay Canada, eBay US, eBay UK, and eBay Australia with a single listing using the International site visibility feature.

When you promote a listing this way, your item will appear in the "Items found from eBay international sellers" section at the bottom of the search results page on and, when shipping is offered to those countries.

As with other optional listing upgrades, the International site visibility feature carries a fee. Learn more.

Choosing your strategy

  1. Sell to Canada and the US

    List your item on, offer shipping to the US, and get your item seen by North American buyers by appearing in search results on and

  2. Maximize English-language exposure

    List on eBay Canada, eBay UK, and eBay Australia (be sure to offer shipping to these locations) and be seen in search results across all of eBay's English-speaking sites.

  3. Maximize global exposure

    If you're able to list in other languages, consider listing on other eBay sites like Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the Netherlands to get your item seen across the globe.

Use the table below to learn where each listing strategy will place you in domestic and international search results:

Listing strategy
search results
search results

Global* eBay site
search results

search results

Listed on
Listed on

Listed on eBay site other than or

Listed on with International site visibility feature