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2017 Spring Seller Update

This spring, we're making changes to meet the demands of today's marketplace and investing in more resources to ensure your success:

  • Listings visibility—Qualifying Canadian sellers can now use the promoted listings feature on, with a Canadian version coming in summer 2017
  • Stores updates—Changes to our fee structure and updating final value fees for all Store subscribers
  • Performance standards—Changes to our fee structure, and a new benefit for Canadian sellers who are US Top Rated

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2016 Fall Seller Update

This fall, we’re introducing changes and updates to the eBay shopping experience that will drive conversion across the entire eBay shopping platform:

  • Structured data—Extending the data benefits of branded inventory to all items, and for all sellers
  • Active content—Active content no longer permitted on eBay after June 2017
  • Seller tools on—Changes to seller tools for users
  • Seller performance standards—Giving you better insight and more time to improve your performance
  • Category and classification—Find out if your categories or item specifics will be updated

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Now's the time to list in Canadian dollars

As of this spring, Canadian dollars will be the sole listing currency available on

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2016 Spring Seller Update

  • View item—Improving conversion and the buyer experience through the item description
  • Features and fees—Store subscriptions, feature fees, and access to dedicated customer service
  • Product reviews—Helping buyers make better buying decisions with more relevant product information
  • Category and item specifics—Find out if your categories or item specifics will be updated
  • Jewellery policy—Update your listings to comply with new Fine and Fashion Jewelry definitions

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