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As a seller on eBay, the majority of your transactions will go off without a hitch. For those occasional instances when something goes wrong - due to a misunderstanding, an honest mistake or (in rare cases) a bad buyer - eBay Seller Protection is there to defend your best interests.

How we protect you

eBay Seller Protection delivers detection systems, transaction monitoring, and policies that help make eBay a great place to sell.

Our dedicated Seller Protection team works behind the scenes—every day, around the clock—to enforce our Buying Practices and Seller Protection policies, so you can sell confidently and focus on your business.

Backed by a set of large-scale automated detection systems that monitor millions of transactions every day, our team keeps a look-out for anything that could cause problems for our sellers.

While you may never have to deal directly with us, you can sell confidently knowing that we’re always here for you.

We're here for you

  1. We follow eBay seller online forums to find out if buyers are experiencing issues.

  2. We meet with sellers face to face at our Seller Protection road shows.

  3. We offer continual customer support to make eBay a great place to sell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about how to deal with feedback or a low DSR? See the FAQ for answers.

Updated eBay Seller Performance Standards are here

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