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If you ever have a problem selling on eBay, we want to know about it

Our Policies Protect You

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We can learn a lot about buyer behavior from our detection systems, but we can’t see everything. That’s why we need your help to spot buyers who violate our policies. Our Report a Buyer hub makes it easy to report problems and issues, in just a few clicks.

When you report a buyer, we listen

eBay uses your reports as part of the monitoring system to help identify buying behavior issues. Your reports help us take action to protect you--including removing any negative or neutral Feedback and low detailed seller ratings--in cases where buyers are not adhering to the Buying Practices Policy.

To report a buyer

  1. Review the buying practices policy:

    Check the relevant section to make sure the buyer is really breaking the rules.

  2. Once confirmed, report the buyer:

    visit and submit a report.

More about seller protection

eBay seller protection policy

Find out how you’re protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about how to deal with feedback or a low DSR? See the FAQ for answers.

Updated eBay Seller Performance Standards are here

So you can focus on doing what matters most to your buyers.