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The Seller Protection Team is committed to making eBay a great place to sell

Our Policies Protect You

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The eBay Seller Protection policy spells out all the ways you're covered when you sell on eBay. It covers:

  • Seller Performance Evaluation
  • Feedback and detailed seller rating
  • eBay Money Back Guarantee requests
  • Returns on eBay
  • Unpaid items
  • The Global Shipping Program

eBay Buying Practices Policy

The buying practices policy outlines our expectations for buyer behavior. eBay has found that buyer violations are often unintentional, which is why we work with buyers to change their behavior—usually through a reprimand with follow-up buyer education— before we suspend them.

In cases where a buyer has made unreasonable demands (including extorting a seller), left inappropriate feedback, is abusing eBay buying protection programs, or misusing eBay returns, the Seller Protection team will take stronger measures: we will set limits on what the buyer can do, temporarily suspend them from the site and—if their behavior warrants it—remove them from eBay.

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eBay seller protection policy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about how to deal with feedback or a low DSR? See the FAQ for answers.

Updated eBay Seller Performance Standards are here

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