Seller Checklist

Start selling on eBay in 3 simple steps

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1. Getting Ready to Sell

  • Select the item you want to sell
  • Take at least 4 photos of your item from different angles

2. Creating your Listing

  • Click the sell link at the top of any eBay page
  • Type the name of the item you want to sell using descriptive keywords to help others find your listing
  • Select the condition that best matches your item
  • Upload the photos you took earlier
  • Enter extra details about your item in the description box to highlight unique features or defects

3. Pricing and Listing your item

  • A recommendation on preferred listing format (Auction or Fixed Price) and pricing will be provided
  • A recommendation on shipping service and cost will be provided
  • Review your listing—then click “List it” and you're done.

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