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Save big on shipping with eBay-negotiated carrier discounts

As an eBay seller, you get access to special discounts from our shipping partners, including Canada Post and UPS—with substantial savings as high as 37% off* standard rates. Explore your options, check each carrier’s rates, then choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.

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Customize your returns to expedite return handling

A generous return policy, along with quick and easy returns, are must-haves for today's online shoppers. Virtually automate the entire return process to expedite returns and refunds, or select options to manually approve specific requests, such as returns for high-value items or items in certain categories.

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Upload tracking—by shipment or in bulk—and stay protected

When buyers can track the progress of their shipment, they tend to be more satisfied and leave higher ratings. Plus, it cuts down on the amount of time you spend answering the question: “Where’s my order?” You can upload virtually any shipping carrier’s tracking information, which buyers will then receive via an automated email and can access right from My eBay.

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Combined invoices help you save time—and get paid fast

Buyers appreciate getting a single invoice for their multiple purchases, plus it can save you substantial time and hassle before you ship. Just turn on eBay checkout in My eBay to make sure buyers can easily add multiple items to their orders—and make sure you can receive a single payment for it all.

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Speed your shipping with help from eBay Certified Providers

As your sales ramp, choose a shipping solution from eBay Certified Providers. By pulling your eBay sales and shipping information into an easy-to-use interface, these tools let you print labels in bulk, automatically post updates to eBay for buyers, and much more.

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Extra shipping tips and resources


Read answers to frequently asked questions about PayPal labels.

Save on shipping

Get special eBay discounts from Canada Post and FedEx.

Follow shipping best practices

Boost your sales and ratings, and lower your costs.

PayPal labels

From your PayPal account you can pay for discounted postage, print shipping labels, and upload tracking to eBay automatically.

Get automatic 5-star ratings for shipping

Boost your shipping DSRs and lower your shipping costs with these best practices.

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