Determine shipping costs

eBay buyers expect to pay a fair price for shipping. Figuring out what to charge is easy when you prepack your item and determine your shipping costs.

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Calculated shipping

If you select calculated shipping when you list your item, shipping costs are automatically calculated for your buyer based on the buyer’s postal or zip code, the weight, and the dimensions that you enter for the package. When determining the weight of the item, prepack your item to accurately determine shipping costs. It’s a straightforward way for sellers to collect an accurate payment for postage and buyers to know exactly how much it will cost.

Prepack and weigh your item

After taking pictures and before you list your item, you can prepack your item to accurately determine shipping costs. Pack it without completely sealing the package. That way you can make any necessary adjustments before sending it out.

The Shipping Calculator

A great way to research different shipping options is with the Shipping Calculator. By determining your item’s weight and the dimensions of your box, you can estimate Canada Post shipping costs to a variety of locations. Find the best value and offer your buyers a fair price while still turning a great profit on your sale.

Research the competition

It’s important to offer competitive pricing to your shoppers. Many people sell similar items on eBay, and in cases where the item you’re selling is not unique, offering a good price on shipping will keep you competitive. Buyers consider the total cost of an item including the shipping cost when making a purchase.

Research what shipping charges are for similar items and make sure your item has fair shipping rates. In addition to attracting buyers with better prices than your competition, lower shipping charges also surface your item’s Best Match, eBay’s default search method.

Shipping guidance

Both the quick listing tool and the eBay mobile app come with built-in shipping guidance, including help determining what cost you should set for shipping.

The quick listing tool shows you the shipping option most sellers use, including the estimated cost. You can also check the box to offer free shipping to attract buyers.

Extra shipping tips and resources


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PayPal labels

From your PayPal account you can pay for discounted postage, print shipping labels, and upload tracking to eBay automatically.

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