How to write detailed listings

Improve your seller rating by accurately describing the condition of your items. Learn how easy it is to create detailed listings for successful selling.

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Creating appealing descriptions

Creating appealing descriptions

Categorizing your item

Always list your item in the relevant category or categories. In most cases, there is only one appropriate category. When your item fits in multiple categories, you can choose to list it in each one for an additional fee—but remember, listing your item in unrelated categories just to increase exposure violates eBay policy.

Crafting an effective title

Titles have a powerful effect on how your item will show up in search results—so remember to include important keywords like the brand name, size, or other descriptors that a buyer might look for.

Ask yourself what words you would use in a search engine if you were in your buyer’s shoes. Keep in mind that buyers don’t use words like “Wow” or “Look” when they search the Internet, so don’t waste valuable space. Instead, use descriptive words that are meaningful to buyers, such as brand names, to create a great, detailed listing.

Using subtitles

Some sellers choose to add a subtitle to make an even more detailed listing. While you’re charged a fee for subtitles, they’re a great way to provide buyers with more detail and item specifics. Subtitles show up in search results, helping make your listings stand out before shoppers even click.

Writing accurate descriptions

Accurate descriptions help your buyers shop with confidence. Create detailed listings with photos and descriptions that match exactly. Make sure to include the brand, style, and model number.Remember to describe any flaws. Keep your descriptions concise and simple, and avoid using flashy text or too many fonts or colors. And never describe an item that is pre-owned as new.

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