Tips for selling online on eBay

Selling is as easy as 1-2-3. In this section, you’ll find tools and get tips for selling online on eBay. From setting the right price to creating a return policy, they’ll help you master the selling process and find even more success on eBay.

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Give your listing a photo finish

Find out how great photos can make all the difference.

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Go for great feedback

See how your free seller dashboard can help you maintain great feedback and even become a Top Rated Seller.

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Helpful selling resources

Make your payday come earlier

There are a few simple things you can do to get paid even more quickly.

Fair case resolution

Learn how fast and fair handling of disputes provides protection for both buyers and sellers.

A team with one job: protecting you

Learn how the eBay Seller Protection team works to help keep you protected so you can focus on selling.

Get inspired to sell

See what unused items you could sell from your home.

Learn more about pricing

How you price your item affects search visibility and how many items will sell. Consider your approach to maximize your success.

Read more about listing formats

Understand the difference between auction-style and fixed price, and fine-tune your listings to get the best results.