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With over 100 million buyers, eBay is the best place to sell online and make money. And with specialized tools and guidance to fit the unique needs of Canadian sellers, gives you the opportunity to find more buyers for your items.

Why sell on eBay Canada?

  • Increase your sell-through rate by up to 10%

  • Insulate your pricing against fluctuating exchange rates

  • Free exposure on when US shipping is offered

  • Trusted, Canadian-branded shipping services

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  • Introducing a single seller-facing currency for

  • Promotes a simpler buying and selling experience

  • Reduces risk and boosts success for sellers

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Selling in Canada

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How can I get my items to appear internationally?

Increase the number of potential buyers you reach.

What are the requirements for selling internationally?

Before you sell internationally, learn about the policies and laws that affect you.

How do I receive international payments?

Accept credit card and bank account payments from buyers in over 190 different countries and regions worldwide.

What should I know about shipping internationally?

International shipping costs are based on a combination of factors.