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Welcome to eBay.ca

There are many advantages for Canadians when using eBay.ca. Once you've registered on any eBay site, you can buy and sell using your user ID and password. Since over half of the items on eBay.com are not available to Canadians, it just makes sense to use eBay.ca.

Here's why...

All items are available to you
Buy from Canadian Sellers

Find more items from around the world

Avoid unexpected border fees

View items in Canadian Dollars

Find an item right in your town

Chat with other Canadians

50% of the items on eBay.com are not available to Canadians
All items found on eBay.ca are either located in or available to Canadians. However, almost half the items listed on eBay.com are not available to Canadians. If you want to buy from around the world, you can do that right from eBay.ca. When you search, just be sure to click the "available to Canada" link.
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Searches default to Canadian Sellers
When searching eBay.ca, by default all items displayed are located in Canada. This means that the seller is Canadian. This makes things much easier for payment, shipping, border fees and more.
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Easily expand your search to outside of Canada
If you can't find what you're looking for inside Canada you can easily expand your search to view all items available to you for sale from around the world.
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Avoid unexpected border fees
Buying from Canadians allows you to avoid unexpected taxes and/or duties which you may encounter when buying from a seller in another country.
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View your items in Canadian dollars
You can view items either in Canadian dollars or in the item's listed currency. You can also purchase items in Canadian dollars from some sellers and avoid exchange rate fluctuations.
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Find an item right in your city or town
eBay.ca allows you to search and browse by regions within Canada. This makes purchasing large, hard to ship items a breeze!
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Chat with other Canadians
eBay.ca allows you to talk with other Canadians about the issues that concern you. You can participate in Canadian contests and promotions and much more.
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