About the eBay Canada Community

The eBay Canada Community is made up of sellers, buyers, and eBay employees coming together to share, connect, and learn.

Here, you'll find our Answer Centre, Groups, and Discussion boards. You'll also find our Announcements, where we share the latest news from eBay.

Groups are a fun place to meet and chat about a specific topic, such as the category that you buy or sell in, or hobbies that you'd like to discuss with others.

The Answer Centre is a place to ask specific questions in hopes of getting a quick answer with minimal discussion. It's also a great resource to browse—chances are, someone has had the same question you have!

The Discussion boards are a place where Community members ask questions and exchange advice and tips. Whether you're an enthusiast, a business owner, or just getting started, there's a place in the Community for you.


The Community team

While peer-to-peer discussion is at the heart of our Community, there are plenty of comments and questions that require attention from eBay staff.

If you need a little help, feel free to "at mention" us in a post. You can do this by typing the @ symbol followed by the username of a Community Manager (this works for other users, as well). Here's a list of Community Manager usernames and the areas where they can help you most:


Where to start

If you're new to the Community, here are a few tips about joining the conversation:


The rules of the road

We ask all of our members to follow a few simple rules to help keep the Community safe and productive. When participating in the Community, members should always:

Members should never:

For a full view of our guidelines, view our Community content policy.

We hope this intro was helpful—see you on the boards!