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About Member-created Product Descriptions

Member-created product descriptions are written collaboratively by contributing eBay Community members. Member-created product descriptions allow members to:

  • Share their knowledge.

  • Show their product expertise.

  • Enhance their visibility on eBay.

Any member can, and is encouraged to, contribute to eBay’s product descriptions. Member-created product descriptions work only when Community members share their knowledge.

To create a product description:

  1. Decide which product you would like to write about.

  2. Click the “Reviews and Guides” link on the left side of the eBay home page.

  3. Enter the product name and click the Search button.

  4. Select the product from the list of search results.

  5. Click the Buy One Like This button.

  6. Click the “Create a product description” link on the right side of the page.

    The Member-created Product Descriptions page now appears.

  7. Enter information into the following sections:

    • Introduction: Provide an overall description of the product.

    • Detailed description: Add product details and specifications.

    • Additional information: Add information on how the product works or special menu options.

    • Summary: Summarize the product by adding pros and cons.

  8. Click Submit, when you are finished.

Tips for Creating Product Descriptions

Product descriptions should be as factual and specific as possible. Avoid opinions and generalizations. The following chart shows some examples of what types of information work best in a product description, and what types to avoid.

Avoid: Opinion/Generalization Better: Factual/Specific

Canon Camera

Canon PowerShot SD450 Digital ELPH 5.0 Megapixel

Large LCD

2.5 inch color LCD with Night Display function

Camera strap is too short and made of inferior material

Camera strap is 5 inches in length and made of 100% nylon mesh

Takes great photos

5.0 megapixel CCD sensor for up to 2560×1920 pixel images

Works with any computer

High-speed USB 2.0 connectivity for PC and Mac

Note: “Product” refers to commercially-manufactured items. For example, product descriptions should not be created for a scarf that you knitted by hand, or a picture that you painted.

Things to consider

  • Product descriptions should be factual and written from a neutral point of view.

  • Write about a specific product. For example, it is better to create a product description for a “Canon Powershot SD-400 Digital Camera,” than it is to create one for a generic camera.

  • Enter as many details as you can. You may also add photos to product descriptions.

  • If you are not certain about a detail or technical specification for a product, it’s best to leave that information out. Focus on what you know to be correct.

  • Cite reliable sources in your content whenever possible. Writing verifiable information helps members immediately and cuts down on the chance of it being edited for deleted by others.

  • You can promote yourself or your items by adding content from, and links to, product descriptions on other places on eBay. For example, sellers can place links to product descriptions on their eBay Stores page.

Things to avoid

  • Inappropriate comments and profanity.

  • Personal information such as your email or phone number.

  • Opinions on products. Contribute that content to a Review or blog.

  • Links to sites that include offers to trade, sell, or purchase goods or services off eBay.

  • Using another member’s pictures or text without their express permission. For example, do not copy another member’s text to use in your own listings.

  • Content that does not comply with eBay’s Community Content Policy. eBay reserves the right to remove any product description that doesn’t comply with this policy.

Editing Product Descriptions

Members also have the ability to edit product descriptions or go back to an earlier version. Except when a product description is removed by eBay, you can see a history of all information written about a particular product. This gives the community the opportunity to help make sure the most accurate information is posted.

Member-created product descriptions are built on good faith. Although not all information may be entirely accurate, most errors are not deliberate. If you see an error, or information that you think is more like an opinion than fact, you can help other Community members by correcting that information. It’s always better to correct information, if at all possible, rather than reporting a member. For example, if a member writes that a specific camera has a 1.5 inch LCD, and the LCD on your identical camera is 2.5 inches, correct the LCD information in the description.

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