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What types of help can I get from other eBay members?

There are many ways you can get help from other eBay members. You need to be a registered member to post a discussion topic or message.

  • Quick answers: Have a specific question? Maybe you’d like to open your first eBay Store. Or you want to know how other people solved a problem you’re having with a buyer. Turn to the Answer Centre. Typically members will respond the same day.

  • Discussions: Our discussion boards are some of the best places to learn useful tips. You can talk about your general opinions and suggestions, or check out a category-specific topic like art, clothing, bidding, or seller tools.

  • Friendship: In our chat rooms, it’s easy to make new friends. Choose one that’s category-specific, where you can meet thousands of other collectors with interests just like you. Or pick a general chat room, where topics are open to everything from your favorite holiday memories to our latest features.

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Get help from other eBay members. Visit the Answer Centre to post a question.