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All about bidding

Find out everything you need to know about bidding on eBay.

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You can raise your maximum bid at any time. Just place another bid at a higher amount. If you want to lower your maximum bid, special rules apply. Learn more.

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Bidding overview
Learn everything you need to know about bidding on eBay.

Automatic bidding
Set your maximum bid and let us do the rest.

Reserve price auctions
Some auction-style listings have a hidden minimum price.

Bid increments
Bid increments are the amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is exceeded.

Changing your maximum bid
Find out how to raise or lower your maximum bid.

Retracting your bid
There are only a few situations when it's possible to retract your bid.

Getting outbid
No one wants to be outbid. Find out how you can help avoid it.

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