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Changing your maximum bid

You can change your maximum bid, but you can't lower it.

Raising your maximum bid

You can raise your maximum bid at any time before the end of a listing. To do this, simply place another bid at a higher amount.

Remember, when you place a maximum bid, we automatically bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder.

When you're the current high bidder in a reserve price listing and the reserve has not been met, your bid may be raised if you place another bid that meets the reserve amount. This allows the listing to end successfully.

Changing your mind about your maximum bid

As a general rule, you can't retract or cancel a bid. When you place a bid, you agree to pay for the item if you're the winning bidder.

There are only a few circumstances when you may retract a bid:

  • You accidentally entered the wrong bid amount. (Changing your mind doesn't qualify.) For example, you bid $99.50 instead of $9.95. If this happens, you'll need to reenter the correct bid amount right away. If you don't place another bid, the retraction will be in violation of our policy and could result in your suspension.

  • The item's description changed significantly after you entered your last bid. You can't reach the seller by telephone or email.

If you find yourself in one of the circumstances above, and you want to decrease or lower your maximum bid, you'll need to retract your original bid first and then place a lower bid.

Please review our retraction guidelines if you need to retract your bid.

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