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How do I pay for items in US currency?

Many items on eBay are listed in US currency. If you buy or bid on any item, you are agreeing to pay the seller in the listed currency. If you wish to settle the transaction using a different currency, please use the "Ask seller a question" feature on the Item page to contact the seller prior to placing a bid.

For Canadians, there are a variety of ways to pay sellers in US dollars. Please be certain that the seller accepts your preferred payment method prior to placing a bid.

  • Credit Card
    If the seller accepts credit cards, you can use a Canadian credit card to pay amounts in US dollars directly. Your credit card company will convert the charges to Canadian currency at the current rate. You can also use a US$ denominated credit card, if you have one.

  • PayPal
    If the seller accepts PayPal, you can securely pay the seller in US$. If your PayPal account is in Canadian dollars, PayPal will convert the US$ amount to Canadian currency for you when the transaction is charged to your account.

  • Personal Cheque
    If you wish to pay the seller by personal cheque in US funds, you must have a chequing account denominated in US funds.

  • Money Order
    Money orders are available denominated in US dollars.

  • Cash
    Never pay cash. If you pay by cash, you do not receive protection under the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program for up to the Canadian dollar equivalent of US$200, you do not retain proof of your payment, and you have no remedy for problems with the transaction.

If you are uncertain as to which payment method to use, please review the benefits and risks of various payment methods listed above.

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