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1-day listings

1-day listings are normally used when you want to sell an item quickly and an item is time sensitive, such as concert tickets or vacation packages.

When to offer a 1-day listing

Offer a 1-day listing if you're selling time-sensitive items (for example, event tickets, airline tickets, vacation packages, tee times, food, and so on). 1-day listings are available for auction-style formats, including listings with the Buy It Now option.

Feedback requirement for 1-day listings

To offer a 1-day listing, you must have a Feedback score of at least 10.

How soon will a 1-day listing appear on eBay?

Listings and Gallery pictures are updated throughout the day. However, if you've listed or relisted an item in the past few hours, or changed its title, your listing may not be immediately searchable when using a keyword or category search, until several hours after you've changed it. Learn more about finding an item you listed for sale.

To make your listings searchable at a specific time, you can schedule them a day in advance. Although your listings will generally be searchable within 24 hours, there may be times when it can take longer.

Changing the duration

When 2 or more hours have passed since you submitted the listing, you won't be able to change the duration of your 1-day listing.

The fine print

1-day listings are not available for eBay Motors Vehicle or Adult Only categories in the US or Canada. For safety reasons, some items may not be eligible for 1-day listings.

Listings that run during the daylight savings time change will still receive the full amount of exposure. For example, if you have a 1-day listing that you start at 1:00 pm Eastern Time on Saturday, it will end at 2:00 pm Eastern Time on Sunday.

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