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Online Auction Format

When to choose the classic eBay way to sell

Most listings on eBay use the standard online auction format.

A typical auction-style listing works this way:

  1. The seller offers one or more items and sets a starting price. Note: The minimum amount for which you can list an item is determined by eBay and varies by country.

  2. Buyers visit the listing and bid on the item during the online auction's duration.

  3. When the auction-style listing ends, the high bidder or bidders buy the item from the seller for the high bid.

The auction-style format is flexible. When you use it, you will be given many options, including giving buyers an opportunity to buy at a fixed price (Buy It Now), selling multiple identical items, and setting a hidden minimum-selling price (reserve price.)

Auction is probably the right format for you, unless:

  • You would rather offer your item only at your specified price, and not accept bids in the auction process. In that case, choose Fixed Price.

  • You have many items for sale and want to open an eBay Store. In that case, set up your store.

  • You are selling real estate and want to advertise the property's availability without running an auction for it. Or if you want to advertise an item or service, choose Advertise with Ad Format.

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