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Improve performance by staying in touch with buyers

Making sure you answer any questions from buyers can help build a good relationship and can enhance your reputation.

Responding to buyers' questions quickly and professionally can help avoid problems down the road, and it can also help you avoid: 

  • Low detailed seller ratings for item as described

  • Cases where a buyer says the item doesn't match the description in your listing

  • Negative or neutral Feedback

Tip: By meeting certain conditions, you can receive an automatic 5-star detailed seller rating for communication.

Being responsive

Answering a buyer's questions in a timely fashion shows them that you care about great customer service, and it also helps ensure smooth transactions. Keep these things in mind:

Common problems Solutions

Not letting buyers know how to reach you if they have questions

  • Provide your contact information in your listing, and specify if one method is better than another.

  • If you're only able to respond during a certain time of day, specify this time frame in your listing.

Making buyers wait for your response


  • Respond to email and phone calls as quickly as possible (preferably within 24 hours).

  • Let your buyers know how quickly they can expect a response, and follow through on the expectations you've set.

Being unprofessional or not addressing tough questions

  • Be patient, stay calm, and keep an open mind when talking to your buyers. When you treat someone with courtesy and consideration, even the most disgruntled buyer can become a loyal customer.

When something goes wrong

  • Keep the buyer informed if there are any problems with the order, especially if there are any shipping delays.

Efficient communication

Here are a few time-saving tips for getting in touch with your buyers:

Common questions

  • Include answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in your listings.

  • Use auto answers to automatically provide buyers with key information. These questions and answers are generated automatically from the details you provide when creating your listing.

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