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eBay Developers Program

The eBay Developers Program offers resources that help developers create solutions to make buying and selling on eBay faster and easier.

If you're looking for links to existing applications, visit the eBay Solutions Directory for tools and solutions that have been developed by eBay or eBay developers.

About the eBay Developers Program

eBay provides a wide range of seller tools, including the eBay Toolkit, to make selling faster and easier. However, if you're interested in developing your own eBay solutions, the eBay Developers Program makes the eBay Application Program Interface (API) available.

The eBay API is a language and message format that an application uses to communicate with the eBay platform. Using eBay's API, you can build the following kinds of tools and services:

  • Selling and buying – manage listing, bidding, checkout and shipping tasks

  • Searching – customized interfaces for searching eBay

  • Affiliate – tools to drive buyers to eBay

  • Customer service functionality – Feedback and customer communications

  • Merchandising - content and listing design

  • Wireless – mobile applications for searching and bidding on eBay

Who should use the eBay API?

 You should consider using the eBay API if you:
Are a high-volume seller with significant eBay experience.
Have reviewed third party solutions in the eBay Solutions Directory, but find that they don't meet your needs.
Need a customized integration that a third party cannot offer.
Have the economic resources and technical expertise to not only build the application, but to maintain your application to incorporate eBay updates.

Visit the eBay Developers Program for more information.

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