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Listing duplicate auction-style listings

Duplicate auction-style listings appearing on eBay

If you list duplicate auction-style listings, only one listing without bids will appear on eBay at a time. Once the first listing receives a bid or ends, the next auction-style listing for the same item appears on the site.

A note in the Selling section of My eBay tells you that your listing will be available on eBay after you receive a bid on the identical active listing.

To see which active duplicate listings aren't appearing on eBay:
  1. In the Listing Activity section, click Duplicate listing not visible to buyers.

  2. On the next page, enter additional search information and click Search.


When you list duplicate, identical auction-style listings, you're charged the full insertion fee for each listing even if a listing doesn't appear on eBay for the full duration of the listing. You may be eligible for an insertion fee credit.

If you listed a duplicate auction-style listing that didn't appear on eBay and is eligible for an insertion fee credit, you see a note in the Unsold listings section of My eBay, or in the Listing Activity section of Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro.


List only one item at a time to ensure that your listing appears in search results. Sellers shouldn't create duplicate auction-style listings for most items. Only items that tend to do well when sold in auction-style format—for example, hard-to-find or high demand items—should be listed in duplicate. Learn more about our duplicate listings policy.
List your items as multi-quantity fixed price listing. When you create your fixed price listing, indicate how many items you have in the quantity section. Learn more about selling using a fixed price.
If you want to list duplicate auction-style listings, schedule different ending times. If a buyer doesn't win the first listing, they have the chance to bid on the next one.
While separate listings for the same item may appear on different eBay sites, we recommend only creating one listing at a time for identical  items. 

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