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How can I find the item I just listed on eBay Motors?

Your eBay Motors listing may show up in several places on eBay at the same time. There are a few ways to see where your items are appearing:

  • Use the search function from the eBay Home page, input relevant keywords, and the search results will display the item listing locations .

  • "Search by Seller" to find ALL the items you’ve listed.

  • Type your item number into the Search By Item Number form.

Note: Locate your item number in your listing's confirmation email, on your My eBay page, or on the View Item page.

Can’t find your item? Here are some tips:

When listing or relisting, your item will not be immediately searchable. To search for an item right after it’s listed, use the listing’s item number for your search. Your listing may not be immediately searchable when using a keyword search or category search, until several hours after you've created it. eBay can't guarantee exact listing durations in search results if you've listed or re-listed an item in the past few hours, or changed its title. To make your listing searchable at a specific time, you may want to schedule it a day in advance.

Note: Although your listing will generally be searchable within 24 hours, for Trust and Safety reasons, there may be times when this takes longer.

If you still can’t find your item through keyword or category searches, check your item’s title for any special characters added next to important words (e.g., *, !, /, @). The search tool may overlook words that contain these characters.

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