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What are the requirements for selling internationally?

When you trade internationally, you need to verify that you're following all laws in other countries, which can differ from laws in your own country.

To sell internationally, you need to:

  • Have an eBay account in good standing.

  • Have a PayPal account and be PayPal Verified.

  • Have at least 10 Feedback points earned as a seller.

  • Have had your first successful sale more than 90 days ago.

  • Meet the selling requirements of the sites where you want your listings to appear.

When selling internationally—for example, either by listing on a site different from your site of registration or by selecting an international shipping option—your item may be sold to a buyer on another eBay site.

Before permitting you to sell internationally, we may ask you to sign an International Selling Agreement acknowledging that items sold to buyers on other eBay sites are subject to the policies of those sites, including their buyer protection policies.

It’s important that your item and category meet the selling and eligibility requirements for the eBay site in each country where you sell. See our international trading policy for more information.

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