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How do I upload my product data so I can use it with Selling Manager Pro?

If you already have product data in another program, you can transfer this data to Selling Manager Pro using a Comma Separated Value (CSV) template.

Note: Uploading works best on files containing less than 450 templates.

To upload your product inventory, you will need to:

  1. Click the "File Management Center Centre" under the Seller Touls section.

  2. Click the "Upload Inventory" link and download the eBay Inventory Template.

  3. Fill in the template with the required fields. These include fields for Site ID, Selling format, Title, Description, Category, Quantity, Duration, and Location. For information on specific format and fields, see Uploading Your Product Inventory.

  4. Important: To ensure acceptance of your inventory, do not change the template format.

  5. Save the template containing all your new or modified inventory, in .csv format.

  6. Click Browse to select the file you saved, or enter the file path.

  7. Click Upload Inventory button.

  8. Note: It may take 30 minutes or more to process your upload. You can check on the progress by clicking on the "File Management Center Centre" link located in the left hand navigation bar. On the File Management Center Centre page under the Uploads section, click the "File Activity Link".

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