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Selling Manager & Selling Manager Pro

As your eBay sales grow, so does your need to manage and track sales. Geared to medium- to high-volume sellers, Selling Manager is an online sales management tool that lets you stay on top of your listings and sales, create and schedule new listings, and save time on common tasks. Selling Manager Pro provides all the features of Selling Manager, but adds inventory and automation features. Find out more.

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To subscribe, go to the Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro Help page. To unsubscribe, go to My eBay and click the Account tab. On the left side of the page, under My Account, click the Subscriptions link. Find the subscription you want to cancel and click the Cancel Subscription link.

Help topics


Using Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
Manage your sales more efficiently with Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro.

Searching your listings
Find the listing you’re looking for.

What's in your Selling Manager views
Stay on top of your sales with views that organize your listings by status.

Tips for using Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
Learn more ways to save time, set up listings, and personalize your buyer communications.

Setting automation preferences for Selling Manager Pro
Let Selling Manager Pro do the work for you by automating email, Feedback, listing, relisting, and other common tasks.

Subscribing and unsubscribing
Find out how to start or cancel your subscription

Managing your sales

Updating your sales records
Update payment and shipping status, insurance costs, and buyer information.

Printing invoices and shipping labels
Print invoices and shipping labels directly from your sales records.

Sending email to your buyers
Send customized email messages to your buyers.

Leaving Feedback
Save time by using stored Feedback and leaving Feedback in bulk. Selling Manager Pro can even automate your Feedback.

Using alerts
Selling Manager can alert you to items that might require your attention.

Managing products & listings with Selling Manager Pro

Creating products and listing templates
Learn how to define your products and listing templates to sell them.

Managing products
Keep your inventory and product details up-to-date.

Creating bulk listings
Have lost of products to list? Use bulk listings.

Automating your listings
Set up rules for automatically listing and relisting products.

Revising and relisting
Learn how easy it is to revise and relist.

Importing & exporting

Downloading sales records
Request a copy of your sales records.

Downloading reports to Selling Manager Pro
Learn which of your products generate the most profits with a custom profit and loss report.

Exporting templates from Turbo Lister
Export listing templates from Turbo Lister into Selling Manager Pro.

Importing products from CSV files
Import your inventory into Selling Manager Pro.

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