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Sharing your content

Sharing and using content

For the convenience of sellers, we offer a product catalogue of photos, item descriptions, and specifications, which are provided by users and/or third parties. Sellers can use content from this product catalogue when creating their listings.

We might, at our discretion, use photos that you upload to your listings to represent a product in our product catalogue. If we do, we'll display your username and a link to your My World page on the product details page of the product featured in your photo.

All photos in all listings will be automatically reviewed for possible inclusion in the catalogue. While there's no guarantee that any of your photos will be selected, you may gain valuable exposure in the catalogue if they are.

What you should know

  • All photos you upload to listings may be selected for inclusion in our product catalogue. You can't selectively choose which photos you want us to consider for inclusion in the catalogue.

  • If your photo is chosen to represent a product in the product catalogue, the link to your My World page will be available for as long as we use your photo to represent that product in the catalogue.

It's important to follow all eBay policies, including our rules about intellectual property, when you create listings or use our product catalogue.

Learn more about using product details from our catalogue.

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