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Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro: Invoicing buyers and receiving payment

With Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, you can easily manage your sold items, including sending and printing invoices.

Sending an invoice

Once an item has sold, you can send an invoice to buyers. You can send a new or revised invoice up to 30 days after the item has been purchased.

To send an invoice:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. In theSold section, click Awaiting Payment.

  3. Find the record you want to invoice, and then click Send Invoice from the Action drop-down menu.

To send a revised invoice when the buyer has not yet completed checkout:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. In the Sold section, click the record number of the listing for which you want to send a revised invoice, or use the More actions drop-down menu and select View Sales Record.

  3. Make your changes and click Recalculate.

  4. Add any notes for the buyer and click the Save button.

If a buyer has already completed checkout, you can send a revised invoice by email.

To email an invoice if your buyer already completed checkout:
  1. In the Sold view, select the check box next to the record you want to invoice.

  2. Click the Email button.

  3. Next to Select an email, choose Winning buyer notification.

  4. Edit the information if needed, and then click Send.

Customizing your invoices

If you subscribe to Selling Manager Pro, you can add a custom message to your invoices. If you subscribe to Selling Manager Pro and have an eBay Store, you can also add your Store logo to your invoices.

To add a custom logo or message to your invoices:
  1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.

  2. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click Manage communications with buyers.

  3. In the Need to send an invoice? box, click the Add a message link.

  4. To include your Store logo, select the Include logo in invoice email check box.

  5. To include a message, enter it in the text box to the right of the logo.

  6. Click Save.

Note: The allowable size for your graphic is 310 x 90 pixels. Images are automatically resized to fit these dimensions. Learn more about including a store logo.

Combining multiple orders on one invoice

If you have multiple orders from the same buyer, you may want to combine them on one invoice. Processing multiple sales in a single order saves you shipping costs, and you can pass these savings on to the buyer.

You can combine up to 40 purchases on one invoice.

To combine multiple purchases into a single order:
  1. In the Sold view, click the record number you want to invoice. Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro automatically determine if there are other items that qualify to be combined into a single order.

  2. If there are other items that can be combined, you'll see a Combine purchases link near the top of the Transaction Details section. Click the link to combine purchases.

  3. Select the check box next to the items you want to combine.

  4. Click the Reset link just below the shipping information. This recalculates the shipping, insurance, and tax for multiple purchases.

  5. Select whether you want to send the invoice immediately or receive a copy

  6. Click the Combine Purchases button at the bottom of the page. You'll be directed back to the sales record. There, you'll see all the items you combined in Transaction Details.

Printing invoices

To print an invoice:
  1. In the Sold view, select the check box next to the listing you want to invoice.

  2. Click Print.

  3. Make your printing selections.

  4. In the pop-up window that appears, preview the page to be printed. If you're satisfied with how it looks, click Print in the browser window.

Tip: You can also print an invoice from the sales record. To view the sales record, click the record number from any of the Sold views.

Learn more about printing invoices and shipping documents.

Marking a payment as received

When a buyer completes checkout using an eBay-approved payment method, the email and shipping address information are automatically filled in for the seller in the Sales Record. The checkout status icon is also updated automatically. When you go to Awaiting Payment, you'll see the dollar sign symbol next to the record to show that payment was received.

If the buyer didn't use an eBay-approved payment method for checkout, you will need to manually mark the payment as received.

To mark a payment as received:
  1. From My eBay, click Awaiting Payment (under Sold).

  2. Click the Mark As Payment Received link next to the listing you received payment for.

How to handle unpaid items

Didn't receive payment for an item you sold? If a couple of days have passed since the buyer has committed to buying your item, and you still haven't been paid, you should contact the buyer. If the buyer tried to pay, you can check the payment status through PayPal or their other payment method. For more tips, see communicating with your trading partner.

Learn more about what to do when a buyer doesn't pay.

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