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Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro: Tracking your sales

Viewing the status of your sales

With Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, you can track your sales conveniently from My eBay.

To check the status of your sales, view the Sold links under Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro.

Selling Manager Sold links

Click this:

To see this:


List of all sold items

Awaiting Payment

Items that have been sold but not yet paid for

Awaiting Shipment

Items that need to be shipped

Paid & Shipped

Items that have been paid for and shipped


Past sales records; your Archived view retains sales records from the current month and the preceding three months

Understanding the status icons

The status icons on the various Sold pages show which post-sales activities you've completed. For each sales record, blue icons show tasks you've completed, while gray icons show tasks you haven't updated status for, or haven't completed.



Tells whether checkout is complete or not

Tells whether you've sent an email to the buyer

Tells whether you've received payment for the item

Tells whether you've shipped the item

Indicates that the item was shipped by Cash on delivery

Tells whether you've left Feedback for the buyer for this transaction


Tells whether you've received Feedback for this transaction

Tells whether you've relisted this item

Tells whether you've sent a second chance offer to a buyer

Tells whether you have an unpaid item case open in our Resolution Centre

Indicates that the Final Value Fee credit was granted


Indicates that the Final Value Fee credit was not granted

Tip: If you forget what any of the icons mean, move your mouse near the icon and a description of the status will appear.

Updating the status of your sales records

Payment and shipping status is updated automatically when a buyer uses eBay Checkout, or when you print a label in Selling Manager.

If you need to update payment and shipping status manually:
  1. From any of the Sold views, select the boxes next to the listings you want to update.

  2. From the Change Status drop-down menu at the top of the page, select Payment Received, Shipped, or Payment Received & Shipped.

  3. Click the Select button to update the status of the listings you selected.

Learn more about updating your sales records.

Note: You can also use the Action drop-down menu for each record to update payment and shipping status.

Viewing your alerts

Selling Manager uses alerts to inform you of sales activity that might require your attention. These alerts appear in your Selling Manager Summary view under Alerts & To Do's.

Tip: To display the Summary view, click Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro on the left side of My eBay.

The following table describes some of the most common alerts you might see, and how to take action on them.

Alert Description

New PayPal payments received

New PayPal payments were received in the past 7 days. Payments are displayed for up to 7 days or until you mark the item as shipped.

Click this alert to view a filtered version of the Sold view with only these listings.

Negative Feedback received in past 7 days

You received negative Feedback within the past 7 days.

Click this alert to review and respond to Feedback comments.

Paid with no Feedback

You haven’t left Feedback for one or more buyers who paid.

Click this alert to view the Sold listings that are awaiting Feedback.

Listing eligible for Unpaid Item reminder

Click this alert to see sales that buyers haven’t yet paid for.

Unpaid item and cancel transaction cases requiring your response

Click this alert to respond to cases that you opened in the Resolution Center. You have 10 days to respond.

Final Value Fee credit requests can be filed

Click this alert to see listings for which you can request a final value fee credit. This happens when a buyer doesn't pay and then doesn't respond to an unpaid item case.

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