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What does eBay Money Back Guarantee mean to sellers?

Sometimes, buyers and sellers don't agree. Hey, these things happen. Learn how the eBay Money Back Guarantee can help you navigate through the process.

I have an open case.
What do I do?

Contact the buyer within 3 business days of the case being opened and try your best to work it out. Visit the Resolution Center to view and respond to your cases. Learn more

What happens if I don't respond to a case?

The buyer could escalate the case and without your response, a decision could be made by eBay Customer Support in their favor. eBay would refund the buyer for the cost of the item plus original shipping, and require you to reimburse us for the refund. More details

How does eBay Money Back Guarantee benefit me?

eBay Money Back Guarantee is designed to inspire buyer confidence and streamline the resolution process when there are issues with a transaction. It also encourages buyers to buy with the assured satisfaction and quick response they expect from a trusted retailer. More details

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I "make it right" with the buyer?

    You have 3 business days from when a case is opened to "make things right" with the buyer. Learn more about how to resolve selling issues. If you issue a full refund, your final value fee will be automatically credited back to you.

  • How can I respond to an item not received case?

    You can respond to this case by going to the Resolution Center and providing tracking information or shipping details. If you can show delivery confirmation or proof of signature at the buyer's address within the delivery window, then you would not be held responsible for this case. Learn more

  • How can I respond to an item not as described case?

    If you cannot satisfy the buyer's concerns about the item, there are a few ways you can work things out with the buyer - including issuing a full or partial refund or sending an item replacement. Learn more

  • How are sellers protected from buyers who may be filing fraudulent cases through eBay Money Back Guarantee?

    eBay makes every effort to detect and act against buyer abuse of the eBay Money Back Guarantee program. If eBay determines that a buyer is attempting to unjustly benefit from eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer may be removed from coverage or suspended from eBay. If you believe one of your transactions is involved in abuse or fraud, you can report the buyer to eBay.

  • How do I issue a refund?

    You can issue a refund by responding to your case and selecting "Issue full refund." If the buyer has paid with PayPal, we will prompt you to issue the refund at PayPal. For all other payment methods, you can issue a refund via the same means that the buyer used to pay for the item.

  • How do I appeal a case?

    You can appeal the decision by providing the appropriate information via the Resolution Center. If the decision is reversed, you will be refunded the reimbursement amount back to the original reimbursement method. However, any eBay or PayPal fees associated with the transaction will not be refunded.

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