eBay Stores FAQ

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  • How do I open an eBay Store, and what do I do first?

    If you meet the requirements to open an eBay Store, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to My eBay.
    2. Select Subscriptions under the Account tab, then select Subscribe.
    3. Complete the subscription process.
    4. Choose Subscriptions, and then Manage My Store.
    5. Choose Design My Store or Quick Store Tuneup to begin.
  • How do I list items in my eBay Store?

    All of the items you currently have listed on eBay will automatically show up in your eBay Store. To list new items, select the Sell button at the top of any eBay page. You'll go through a step-by-step process that makes it easy to list and find the appropriate categories for your item. If you would like to list in bulk, you can use advanced seller tools to do so.

  • If I subscribe to an eBay Store, does that mean I'm a business?

    Subscribing to an eBay Store doesn't automatically classify your account as a business account. Find out more about registering as a business on eBay.

  • How do I close my Store?

    You can close your eBay Store at any time by signing in to My eBay and selecting the Subscriptions link under the Account tab. You'll be taken to a page where you can cancel your subscription.

  • What happens to my listings when I close my Store?

    Sellers can choose to end their active fixed price listings or keep them, subject to the standard fees.

  • How do I re-open my eBay Store?

    Per our eBay Store policy, information will be retained for 30 days after your subscription is cancelled. To re-open an eBay Store, you'll need follow the same process as for opening a new eBay Store.

  • How do I upgrade my Store subscription?

    To upgrade your eBay Store, go to My eBay and select Account, then Subscriptions. From there, select Change level to upgrade your eBay Store.

  • How and when am I charged for my subscription?

    Eligible sellers may subscribe to an eBay Store at any time during the year. The subscription fee will appear on your monthly invoice.

    The first month of your subscription is prorated based on your sign-up date. For example, if you sign up on April 27th and you're billed on the 1st of every month, you will be charged for the remaining 4 days in April (27, 28, 29, and 30), plus the month of May on May 1st.

    Should you decide to cancel your subscription, you may do so at any time. You will have the full benefit of your subscription through the last day of the month you've cancelled in. For example, if you cancel your subscription on May 26th, you will have the full benefits of the subscription through May 31st, as you have already paid through to the end of the month. Your subscription will then be cancelled and you will not be billed on June 1st.

  • How do I make changes to the design of my Store?

    You can change your logo, Store name, categories, and more at any time by going to Manage My Store, located in the left navigation column of My eBay.

  • Can I use HTML to design my Store homepage?

    No. You will be able to customize your Store by using modules that will be available later in 2018. Customization via HTML is no longer available.

  • How can I change my Display Settings/Sort Order?

    To manage your display settings or sort order preferences, follow these steps:

    1. Under the Account tab, select Manage My Store.
    2. Under Store Design, select Display Settings.
    3. Under Theme and Display, select Change.
    4. Scroll down to Sort Order and choose your preference from the drop-down menu.
    5. Select Save Settings.

  • How many categories can I create?

    You can create up to 300 Store categories. Your Store category total includes the sum of all level 1, level 2, and level 3 categories. For example, you could have 300 level 1 categories or 30 level 1 categories with 10 subcategories each.

    Note: eBay automatically creates a default level 1 category named "Other Items" that can't be edited, and counts toward the 300 category limit.

  • How many Store categories should I use?

    You can create up to 300 categories. Go to the Store Categories page in Manage My Store for suggestions on how to set up your Store category structure.

  • Where can I learn more about Store categories?

    You can learn more about Store categories by visiting our help page.

  • What is email marketing?

    Email marketing is a tool for eBay Store subscribers that enables them to send email to interested buyers who have signed up for their mailing lists.

  • Who can I send an email to?

    You can email anyone who has subscribed to your mailing lists. Users subscribe to sellers' mailing lists through the Add to Favorite Sellers and Stores process, through which they can select one or more mailing lists to subscribe to for each seller.

  • How do I send an email to my subscribers?

    Using the email marketing tool, you can easily create and send template-based or fully customized HTML emails to your subscribers. You can send one email per week for each of your mailing lists, and there is no limit to the number of subscribers on an email list.

  • Where can I learn more about email marketing?

    You can learn more about email marketing by visiting our help page.

  • What is Markdown Manager?

    Markdown Manager is a free feature exclusively for eBay Store subscribers that enables them to discount the price of their items or add a limited-time free shipping sale.

  • How do I access Markdown Manager?

    Markdown Manager is available under My eBay > Account Tab > Marketing Tools > Item Promotion > Markdown Manager on the left navigation bar.

  • Is there a cost to use Markdown Manager?

    No. Markdown Manager is free for all eBay Stores subscribers.

  • What listings are available in Markdown Manager?

    You can use Markdown Manager to discount all fixed price listings, or to provide a limited-time free shipping sale on all listing formats.

  • Where can buyers see my discounted listings?

    Buyers will see a special strike-through price and Sale logo in the following places:

    • Item Page—plus a free shipping logo, if offered
    • Cross-promotions on the bottom of the view item page
    • Seller email marketing—plus a free shipping logo, if offered
    • eBay Stores promotion boxes

    Buyers will see special strikethrough pricing in the following places:

    • Search results
    • In-Store search results
    • Items I'm Watching, if the item has gone on sale after it was added to the buyer's watch list
    • Items I'm Watching Ending Soon email
    • In all other areas, the sale price will be displayed as the Buy It Now price, including in eBay search results
  • Where can I find out more about Markdown Manager?

    You can learn more about Markdown Manager by visiting our help page.

The new eBay Stores experience

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  • Why is eBay making this change?

    In May 2018, we began to update eBay Stores to provide a new and enhanced shopping experience. Our updated platform is intended to improve search engine optimization, mobile optimization, and provide the highest site security in compliance with new browser security requirements, all while providing additional merchandising opportunities to Store subscribers.

  • What should I do if my eBay Store didn't change in May?

    If your Store hasn't been updated by the end of May, your Store has custom pages, or a fully custom Storefront. These Stores will automatically be moved to the new experience at a later date, but you can move to the new experience now if you prefer. Follow these steps to starting using the new experience now.

  • Do I have to do anything to start updating my eBay Store?

    For the majority of sellers, Stores will update automatically in May. Stores with custom pages or fully custom Storefronts will be updated at a later date. However, for these sellers, we recommend that you move to the new Store experience now to ensure that your Store is fully secure, and receives optimal SEO benefits. Learn how.

  • Will my eBay Store subscription change?

    No. Your Store subscription fee will not change as a result of these updates.

  • Can I still update my Store branding in the new experience?

    Sellers without custom content who have been moved to the new Store experience in May will be able to update the Store name, billboard image, logo, Store descriptions, and custom categories in the new experience.

  • Can I update my eBay Store to include contact information?

    Business and personal contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and links to sites outside of eBay is not permitted anywhere on eBay, including Store pages and other member-created content.

    If you wish to provide your customer service phone number for post-transaction support, you can make your customer service phone number available when a buyer chooses Contact seller by opting in at Account settings > Manage communication with buyers.

  • Are there any tools to help with HTML creation for my updated Store?

    You will be able to customize your Store by using modules that will be available later in 2018. Customization via HTML will no longer be available.

  • Will my Store information be transferred to the new design?

    All of your current Store information, including the logo, billboard image, Store description, and categories, will be automatically included in the updated experience. However, any HTML code will not be transferred.

  • Will I automatically receive the new customizable modules in the new Stores experience?

    Yes. The new customizable modules will be available to all Store subscribers who are in the current Stores version by May 1, 2018.

  • Is there a cost associated with the updated Stores experience?

    No. There is no cost associated with the new experience.

  • Will my subscriber discounts, coupons, and credits change?

    No. The same Store subscription benefits will apply to the new experience.

  • Can I still change my Store name?

    Yes. You will retain the ability to create your own Store name in the new experience.

  • Can I revert back to the old Stores experience?

    The changes to the Stores experience are permanent, and it isn't possible to revert back to the old experience. You'll still retain the ability to customize your Store name, as well as the ability to customize graphics, such as your logo and billboard. You will also be able to customize the Store modules later in 2018, when this feature becomes available.

  • Will I need to know HTML in order to customize the new Store modules?

    The new Stores experience does not require knowledge of HTML. Later in 2018, a new, easy-to-use interface will be introduced, which will allow you to customize the Store modules.

  • Where can I host images for my Store header?

    eBay will host the images in a secure location, so that all Store images are HTTPS compliant.

  • What do you mean when you say the Store pages are mobile-friendly?

    This means that the Store pages are designed and developed in a way that looks and performs optimally on mobile and tablet browsers, as well as on desktop.

  • Will my Store URL change with the new experience?

    Yes, your Store URL will change. However, we'll automatically redirect your existing Store URL to the new Store URL, so no action is required. We encourage you to begin using the new URL format when linking to your Store.

    For Stores with no custom content, the URL will change to the following format:


    For Stores with custom pages and/or custom Storefronts, the URL will change to the following format:


  • Will the new experience impact traffic to my Store?

    When your Store URL changes format, we'll automatically redirect traffic from the old URL to the new one. Additionally, the new Stores experience will feature enhanced search engine optimization. Aside from that, your placement in search results will continue to be determined by the relevance of your listing to what buyers are searching for.

  • Will I still be able to showcase featured items?

    Yes. The new Storefront experience allows for top-level placement of featured items. If the Store experience you currently use does not have a featured items option, go to Update my Store and follow the instructions.

    After you have updated your Store to allow featured items, you'll be able to select listings to feature the next time you select the Edit Store link. Updating your Store will also allow you to upload a full-width image billboard at the top of your Storefront.

  • Will featured items in my Store be moved to the new experience?

    Yes. Items featured in your Store before they are moved to the new experience will continue to be featured after the change.

  • How can I be ready for my Store to be updated to the new experience?

    Follow these steps to prepare for your Store to be transferred to the new experience:

    1. Make sure your Store is updated to the most current experience by selecting Update my Store and following the instructions.
    2. If you don't currently have a Store billboard image, we recommend that you upload one that best represents your brand. Choose an image sized at 1248 x 330 pixels.
    3. If you don't currently have a Store logo, we recommend that you upload one sized at 150 x 150 pixels.
    4. Select items to features for display in your Storefront as desired.
  • Will the eBay Advanced Store search functionality change?

    Yes. There were previously two filter options under the Find Stores tab: Stores with matching items, and Store name only. To complete this search in the new experience, you should:

    1. Navigate to the Find items category on the left.
    2. Enter the keywords you wish to find.
    3. Scroll down to and check Only show items from:, then toggle the radio button for Sellers with eBay Stores.
    4. Select Search.
  • Will my Store categories be transferred when my Store is updated?

    Yes. Your categories and subcategories will all be transferred to the new experience.

  • Does the new Store experience support custom pages?

    Not at this time. We hope to add additional customization features like custom pages later this year.

  • Will my listing frame remain intact when my Store is updated to the new experience?

    Yes, the new Stores experience supports the listing frame functionality. Please note that listing frames are only viewable in the web experience, and not in the mobile experience.

  • Why is eBay changing the Store Management tools?

    We're always looking for new opportunities to increase the value of your eBay Store subscription. Starting later in 2018, we'll provide Store subscribers with valuable new tools and features that include new merchandising opportunities, the ability to customize your Store, improved search engine optimization, an enhanced mobile experience, and HTTPS compliance.

  • Why are you retiring search engine keywords?

    The search engine keywords feature no longer provides benefits, because the rules for search engine optimization (SEO) have changed. Instead, we've embedded the best practices of SEO directly into the new Stores experience. This means that sellers no longer need to take separate actions to improve SEO—it's automatic.

  • What's changing with the new Stores search experience?

    When a buyer searches in the new Store experience, the results will display in the standard search results page view. The search results will continue to be limited to the items you're selling in your store.

  • How will the eBay category Store search work?

    If your Store has adopted the eBay category structure, the category search will function the same. The category search option is available in the drop-down menu next to the search bar.

  • Will buyers have the option to search the custom categories in my Store?

    If your Store has custom categories, those items will be regrouped to the most appropriate eBay category for users to find when searching your Store.

  • Why is eBay changing the Store search experience?

    Stores have made this change to search in an effort to consolidate and align with other areas on eBay. Additionally, users will not have the ability to apply a number of filters that were not previously available in a constrained search inside of a Store.