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  • What is File Exchange?

    File Exchange is an advanced selling management tool that enables sellers to load and manage their inventory on eBay easily and efficiently.

  • How much does File Exchange cost?

    eBay File Exchange is free for all sellers. Standard selling fees still apply to any eBay listings uploaded using eBay File Exchange.

  • Who should use File Exchange?

    File Exchange is useful for sellers who want to upload and manage their eBay inventories in bulk.

  • How do I sign up for File Exchange?

    You can sign up for File Exchange here. You can start using the tool as soon as the registration is complete.

  • How does File Exchange work?

    Sellers create inventory data files that are based on the eBay File Exchange templates. Sellers can upload their data files to eBay File Exchange in one of two ways:

    • From their account page interactively, or
    • From their script programmatically.

    eBay File Exchange processes data files, runs the requested actions, and creates a Load-Results report that sellers can download.

  • What types of changes can I make to my listings with File Exchange?

    Sellers can upload files which add, revise, relist, and end listings. Sellers can end eBay Store listings and create them in another format to move inventory out of their Stores. They can also perform some basic post-sale management tasks such as leaving feedback or identifying items for which they have received payment or shipped to the buyer.

  • Can I use File Exchange to list on eBay's international sites?

    The following eBay sites support eBay File Exchange: US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, and Austria. Before using eBay File Exchange on these international sites, visit the individual country or region sites to create custom eBay File Exchange templates for those sites.

  • How long does it take to process my files?

    eBay processes data files within a few hours; however, larger data files may take longer.

  • Are File Exchange listings eligible for Listing Day promotions?

    Generally, any eBay File Exchange listing action that is completed before the end of a promotion will be eligible for the promotion. Sellers can use the data files to specify a time and date when the listing request should be completed or cancelled that coincides with the end of the promotion. However, you should double check the terms for each promotion to confirm that your listings are eligible.

  • What data file characteristics are required?

    The data file should be submitted in CSV (comma-separated values) format. This CSV format is compatible with Microsoft Excel. The file must be no larger than 15 MB and cannot exceed the maximum number of listing requests that the seller is allowed during a 24-hour period.

  • What information is required in the data file?

    Sellers must specify the action requested (add, revise, relist, end), ISBN or UPC eBay category ID, and normal eBay listing-related details such as listing format and seller features. For specific information on the data file format, please refer to the eBay File Exchange User Guide, which is accessible to eBay File Exchange sellers.

  • Does the File Exchange data file format work with other eBay selling tools?

    At this time, the eBay File Exchange data file format cannot be used with the import function that is part of the other eBay seller tools.

  • Where can I get the File Exchange template?

    Once you have an eBay File Exchange account, go to your account page to download and populate an eBay File Exchange template.

  • How do I send eBay the data file?

    You can upload your data files from your account page interactively or programmatically via scripts. Please see the eBay File Exchange User Guide for more information regarding these options.

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