Listings Visibility

Increased exposure with changes to Markdown Manager and Promoted Listings, bundles and lots, and eBay Questions & Answers.


Improved markdown tool for eBay Canada

This fall, we're introducing a streamlined marketing tool to help Store subscribers mark down items for up to 45 days in duration.

All eBay Store subscribers are eligible to create markdown campaigns in the new tool, and we’ve increased the number of items you can discount up to 10,000 items for all Store subscribers. Learn more about the benefits of having a Store subscription, and watch our Announcements Board for more details.

Manage your marketing activity

You can manage all of your merchandising and advertising campaigns in one place. You can also create multiple Sale Events at one time with the same or varying dollar discounts or percentages.

Promote single-quantity listings in Promoted Listings

Sellers who use Promoted Listings on eBay.com can now promote single-quantity and unique items for prime placements on eBay to boost visibility and sales. This functionality will also be available on eBay.ca when Promoted Listings is introduced to the eBay Canada site this fall—watch our Announcements Board for more details closer to launch.

List bundles and lots for greater visibility

Gain extra exposure for multiple-item listings with bundle (a combination of related items) and lot (2 or more of the same item) listings. Bundle and lot listings will now be highlighted in the buyer shopping experience, which helps drive interest and conversion. Opportunities for additional exposure include search results pages and product pages.

Give buyers information they need with Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers (Q&A) is a feature that enables eBay shoppers to ask sellers and recent buyers questions about products that interest them. The answers help shoppers get the information they need to buy with confidence, and keep them shopping on eBay.

In October, Q&A will be added to View Item pages on eBay.ca. After it’s added, you may receive an email request to answer a buyer’s question about a product you list. Your answer will be ranked at the top of all responses on your View Item page. Other buyers can view the answers, too.

Buyers who have questions about other aspects of your listing, such as shipping options and returns, will still be able to use the Ask a Seller function.


Promotions Manager FAQs

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Bundles and lots FAQs

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  • Why is eBay making this change?

    We are increasing exposure for bundle and lot listings in buyers’ search results and browsing experiences.

  • What is a bundle?

    A bundle is a group of different items that are sold in one listing, such as accessories to a main device or product (e.g., a camera and complementary accessories).

    Bundles fall into two main groups:

    • Seller-created bundles. Seller-created or custom bundles are created by sellers to present a combination of different items in one listing
    • Manufacturer bundles. Manufacturer bundles are created, packaged and sold by the main product manufacturer. They have unique identifiers and should be sold as a single unit
  • How do I list a bundle?

    Select "Bundle listing" for the category in which you are listing. Your bundle listings will appear in search results, as well as product pages created to highlight the value of bundled items for buyers.

  • Will bundles and lots listed on eBay.ca be promoted on eBay.com, and vice-versa?

    Yes. Bundles and lots listed on eBay.ca that offer shipping to the US will also be highlighted in the eBay.com buyer experience, and vice-versa.

  • Are there specific listing requirements for bundles?

    The following requirements apply to bundle listings:

    • Bundle images and descriptions must adhere to eBay listing requirements
    • Bundles should include items that are compatible
    • Images, item specifics, and descriptions should clearly describe all items included with bundles
  • Can bundles include items from different categories?

    Yes. List your bundle in the category that is most representative of the primary item, or the majority of items in the bundle.

  • What product identifiers should I provide for my bundle listing?

    Provide the required product identifiers for the primary item in the bundle. If your item is manufacturer unbranded or custom-made, a product identifier may not be available. In those situations, "Does not apply" can be used in place of an identifier.

  • Can variations of the primary item be included in a bundle?

    For bundles, we recommend that you list different items that complement each other. Where multiple variations of the same item are available, it is most effective to either sell the variations individually using eBay's multi-variation functionality, or to list the items as a lot in the appropriate category.

  • What is a lot?

    A lot (or multi-pack) consists of items that are sold in multiples of the same product (e.g., five of the same six-pack of AAA batteries), each lot sharing the same barcode. The product in each lot is exactly the same—i.e. same manufacturer, model, and packaging.

  • How do I list a lot?

    Select the "Sell as a lot" tag under the "Selling details" section in the listing flow. Add the number of items in your lot by checking the "items in lot" option, and adopt an existing product (if the product exists and appears in the listing process). You can also add items. Include a product identifier for a single pack or item within the lot, specify it as a lot, and add the quantity of items in your lot. We will highlight your lot listing in buyer experiences, such as search results pages or product pages, for additional visibility. For best results, list items that are generally multiple units of the same item being sold together (e.g., four packs of eight AA batteries).

  • Can I have a different return policy for items within a bundle or lot?

    Your return policy will apply to all items in the bundle or lot.

Questions & Answers FAQs

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  • Why is eBay making this change?

    Our Questions & Answers (Q&A) feature enables eBay shoppers to ask sellers and recent buyers questions about products that interest them. The answers provide shoppers with the information they need to buy with confidence, and keep them shopping on eBay.

  • Where can buyers find Q&A?

    The Q&A feature will be added to View Item pages in October. Each product will link to a stand-alone "See all Q&A" page.

  • How will Q&A be displayed on View Item?

    Only questions and answers about specific items will be displayed. In October, Q&A will replace "Questions about this item" on the View Item page. If a buyer wants to contact you, they will be able to do so via a "Contact seller" link in "Seller information."

  • What types of questions are displayed in Q&A?

    Only questions related to products are displayed. If questions are directed to a seller about their purchases and are specific to an item, they will be handled the same way they are currently handled, through the Ask a Seller function.

  • Will I have an opportunity to answer buyers' questions?

    To drive timely answers to buyers' questions, we send emails to a select group of users who we identify as best-qualified to answer questions about a given product. This group includes buyers who recently purchased the product and sellers who are currently selling the product.

    After we request an answer from a user, we wait for a period of time before we request another answer so that the user won't be inundated with questions. When Q&A is available on View Item pages, a buyer's question will be sent directly to the item's seller for response (assuming the seller has opted in to receive Q&A emails).

  • If I see a Q&A question that I can answer, can I respond to it even if I haven't received an email about the question?

    Yes. We encourage you to help buyers with their decisions. The more answers you provide, the more buyers can recognize you as a source of confidence in their decisions.

  • How do I benefit from Q&A?

    Answering a buyer's question quickly and accurately on View Item will enhance your credibility and let them know you have the product in stock. Your answer will be displayed publicly for other buyers to see and display first, giving you more exposure. The more questions you answer, the more confident buyers will be in purchasing from you.

  • Can I opt out of responding to buyers' questions?

    Yes. Any user can opt out of receiving Q&A emails.

  • Can I opt out of displaying the Q&A?

    No. You will not be able to opt out of displaying Q&A on your View Item page, similar to Reviews.

  • How are answers submitted through Q&A reviewed?

    All answers submitted through Q&A are reviewed by eBay before they are made available to buyers.

  • Can I report an inaccurate answer?

    Yes. Like reviews, Q&A answers can be reported for inaccurate or inappropriate content.