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New investments and features aimed at improving
the success of Canadian sellers.


Today, eBay Canada is announcing a number of enhancements to our Canadian marketplace. These investments and new features are aimed at improving Canadian seller success, deepening our connection and engagement with Canadian buyers, and building on our Canadian market leadership.

Promoted listings

This summer, we'll launch promoted listings in Canada, offering sellers a low-risk way to boost visibility and sales for listings created on eBay.ca.

Promoted listings boost item visibility by 30%*, increasing the likelihood of a sale. Sellers choose their ad rate—a percentage of the item's final sales price that they're willing to pay for the added visibility—and only pay when an item is purchased after a click on their ad.

Promoted listings will be shown to buyers in key placements across eBay, including the search results page.

Promoted listings will be available to sellers listing on eBay.ca who are Top Rated under either the US or Global program, or who have an eBay Store subscription on eBay.ca or eBay.com. Canadian sellers will be eligible to receive credits for promoted listings created on eBay.ca, based on their Top Rated seller status and/or eBay Store subscriptions.

Watch our Announcements Board for more details, coming later this summer.

Marketing investments

Next month, eBay will re-launch brand advertising in Canada. Having spent the last several years improving the buying experience on eBay, now is the time to speak to new and existing consumers about the breadth and depth of items on eBay.

Our Canadian multi-channel campaign will include a variety of digital and traditional media and will feature our first TV advertisements in nearly five years. This represents an aggressive marketing push by eBay to grow its Canadian buyer base and increase purchase consideration.

eBay Bucks

To increase Canadian buyer engagement and activity—and to support the growth of Canadian sellers—we are re-launching the eBay Bucks program for Canadian users.

This summer, selected Canadian eBay buyers will be invited to participate in the eBay Bucks program. Once enrolled, members will earn a percentage of the item price of their qualifying purchases in the form of eBay Bucks. Every three months, members will receive an eBay Bucks Certificate, which they then use to buy more on eBay.

Bringing the eBay Bucks program to Canada will give Canadian buyers another reason to consider eBay first when they shop online. It will encourage buyers to explore new categories and buying occasions on eBay. And as Canadian buying activity grows, Canadian sellers will benefit!

eBay gift cards

Later this year, eBay Canada will launch our first-ever Canadian gift card. The introduction will create new opportunities for Canadian consumers to connect with the deep selection of inventory eBay sellers bring to our marketplace.

More details on gift card denominations, availability, and terms will be shared on our Announcements Board closer to the launch date.

New homepage on eBay.ca

In May, our new homepage will launch on the eBay.ca site, with the French language site launch to follow in a few weeks. The new homepage will engage Canadian consumers by providing dynamic content that's more personalized and exposes recommended deals, products, and sellers.

When a member views the new homepage, a unique and customized version of eBay will be displayed for each user, uniting the best of eBay's selection with a simplified shopping experience tailored to consumers' personal interests. The evolution of eBay's homepage highlights our shift to a simpler, more personal shopping experience, allowing each person to find their version of perfect.