Going Global

Expand your business and reach more buyers by offering your items beyond our borders.

Going global

Selling to international buyers

Selling your items to international buyers is one of the best ways to quickly expand your business. When you list on eBay.ca and offer a shipping service to the United States, your item will automatically appear in search results on eBay.com, free of charge.

Did you know? Over half of sales on eBay.ca are to U.S. buyers—so it's always in your best interest to include a U.S. shipping option.

Increase your global visibility

There are dozens of eBay sites across the globe. Regardless of which site you created your account on, you can log in to any eBay site and list an item, making it visible to the people shopping in that country.

eBay sites in other English-speaking countries—such as eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Ireland, and eBay Australia—are a good start. If you speak another language, or are willing to work with a translator, you should consider listing on other sites, as well.

Keep in mind that if you sell to countries within the European Union, you may need to register for the Value Added Tax (VAT).

The chart below lists the eBay sites around the world along with their language and currency. Select a country in the chart below to visit the eBay site associated with it:




Argentina Spanish ARS
Australia English AUD
Austria German EUR
Belgium Dutch EUR
Belgium French EUR
Brazil Portuguese BRL
Canada English CAD
Canada French CAD
China Chinese CNY
France French EUR
Germany German EUR
Hong Kong Chinese HKD
India English INR
Ireland English EUR
Japan Japanese JPY
Korea English, Korean KRW
Malaysia Malaysian MYR
Mexico Spanish MXN
Netherlands Dutch EUR
Philippines Filipino PHP
Poland Polish PLN
Singapore English SGD
Spain Spanish EUR
Sweden Swedish SEK
Switzerland German CHF
Taiwan Chinese TWD
Thailand Thai TBH
Turkey Turkish TRY
United Kingdom English GBP
United States English USD
Vietnam Vietnamese VND

Keep in mind that different eBay sites may have different rules, policies, and fees than those of eBay.ca, and that your fees will be charged in the local currency of the site you choose. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our international trading policy before you list.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

What is Value Added Tax?

For thousands of eBay sellers, the Value Added Tax (VAT) is already part and parcel of doing business in the European Union. But what is it, and do you have tax obligations you didn't realize?

VAT is similar to a sales tax. It's a tax on a business's gross receipts from the sale of goods and services. For example, any eBay seller making sales to UK buyers and fulfilling those orders from UK-based inventory is likely obligated to register for a pay VAT in the UK.

You should speak with a tax advisor to better understand how VAT applies to your eBay business in the EU and other countries outside the US.

Do I need to register for VAT in the EU?

eBay wants sellers to be successful and legally protected, wherever you do business. Registering for VAT in the EU may help you do both those things.

Whether you need to register for VAT in an EU member state depends on the way you conduct your business. The key factors that determine if you have an obligation to register for VAT are:

  1. The country your business is located in
  2. The location of your inventory
  3. Your level of sales

It's each seller's responsibility to ensure that they are VAT-compliant.

eBay has partnered with international consulting firm KPMG to offer VAT consultation and education at zero cost to your sellers. Have your VAT questions answered in less than 24 hours by emailing KPMG, or calling them at (718) 887-9738. Long distance charges may apply.

Next steps

Complete the following steps to ensure that you're VAT-compliant, and to avoid potential selling restrictions:

  1. Register with the local tax authority in each country where you've determined that you have a VAT obligation. For example, in the UK, you'd register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), the UK's tax authority.
  2. Provide eBay with your VAT ID number, and we'll automatically add it to all your eligible new listings.

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