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Fall 2019 FAQs

Fall 2019

Removal of duplicated promoted and non-promoted listings in search

Starting in December 2019, we’ll no longer show duplicate promoted and non-promoted listings on the search results page on To provide a cleaner and more relevant search experience to buyers, only one version of your listing — either promoted or non-promoted — will appear in a given set of search results. The displayed version of your listing will be selected based on factors such as listing quality, relevancy to the buyer’s search, and ad rate. Promoted listings will continue to appear outside search on other pages such as the Home page, product pages, and other prominent locations on eBay.

Increased visibility for Promoted Listings in search results

In our ongoing effort to optimize the visibility of Promoted Listings placements, we’re shifting to a mix of promoted and non-promoted listings at the top of search results. This is designed to balance visibility for both promoted and non-promoted listings, depending on their relevance to a buyer’s search and quality of a seller’s listing. A mixture of promoted and non-promoted listings will now be eligible to appear in the top search rankings.

  • Why is eBay making these changes?

    Removing duplicate listings is an important step forward towards improving the buyer experience by showing more diverse search results. The top slots will be a dynamic mix of both organic and promoted listings to help balance visibility for both promoted and organic listings.

  • If I use Promoted Listings, could my non-promoted listings ever show up in search results?

    Yes. Your non-promoted listings will show when they rank higher than promoted listings. Listing selection will be based on factors including, listing quality, relevancy, and ad rate. If your promoted listings aren’t showing in placements on search, they are still eligible to show in other placements throughout the buyer journey including listing pages, home page, and many more.

  • How does the Promoted Listings ad rate affect where my listing shows up in search?

    Ad rate is just one of multiple factors that are considered for Promoted Listings placement. We recommend you ensure that you create great listings by utilizing all possible item specifics, great photos, competitive pricing, and fast and free shipping. The top slots in search will be dynamic, meaning that they could all be promoted, non-promoted, or a mix. We encourage you to test and monitor your performance to make sure your listings remain optimized.

  • Will ad blockers block my promoted listings?

    Ad blockers generally are intended to block intrusive ads (like pop-ups) that disrupt the user experience. We have designed our Promoted Listings ads to align natively with our site experience, and most ad blockers do not block that sort of non-intrusive content. However, there are a host of ad blockers on the market, and each maintains its own user settings and policies distinguishing between intrusive ads and acceptable native content. Currently, our data suggests that promoted listings are being blocked for less than 2% of traffic. Like other marketplaces and social networks, we are constantly evaluating our user experience and our advertising programs, including the impact of ad blocker software on the content we make available.

  • Does this mean that sellers will always have to pay the promoted listings fee on every listing that is promoted?

    Your regular listing still can show up as non-promoted in a search results page if your regular listing naturally ranks higher than your Promoted Listing, and when this happens and your regular listing ranks higher and buyers find that listing you will not pay the promoted listing fee. Your promoted listing could still get visibility through all of the other placements.

  • What is the value of promoted listings if you won’t show my promoted listing and regular listing?

    The value behind Promoted Listings is that the program helps boost your items’ visibility by showing them in prominent places on eBay, including search results and product detail pages. The important measure here is the boost your promoted listing will get. Depending on what the buyer searched for and our Best Match ranking, if your listing will not see a boost, we will show your regular listing. Results are highly dynamic and responsive to buyer searches, so your promoted listing boost will change frequently. Keep in mind, your promoted listing will still compete for other placements within the buyer journey, so you may still get a boost on other pages.