Shipping Internationally

From shipping tips to creating a flexible return policy, eBay will help you become a shipping pro and an expert seller.

International shipping

Shipping internationally

Offering shipping to international buyers is one of the best ways to quickly expand your business. There are dozens of eBay sites across the globe, and millions of potential buyers waiting for your item—it's up to you to decide how to get it to them.

We recommend that Canadian sellers offer international shipping to the U.S. at a minimum. Exports to the United States make up over half of the sales on, so offering a U.S. shipping service can instantly double the chances of your item being sold.

International shipping can present a set of challenges different than those of domestic shipping, but you can make it work for your business by reading the tips below.

Keeping costs down

Shipping internationally can be more expensive than shipping domestically, but even for overseas buyers, reasonable shipping costs are still a consideration when making a purchase. Here are some tips that could help you manage the cost of international shipping while keeping your buyers happy:

  • Buy shipping and packing materials in bulk, and negotiate bulk discounts whenever possible. Source inexpensive supplies on eBay by sorting search results by lowest to highest price.
  • Print shipping labels on eBay to receive member discounts.
  • Consider an eBay Store—subscribers receive quarterly credits for eBay-branded shipping supplies.
  • Use calculated shipping instead of flat rate to ensure you're not charging any more—or less—for shipping than you need to.
  • Use the shipping calculator to estimate shipping costs before you list, if you prefer to offer flat rate shipping.
  • Research different carriers than the ones you use domestically to find who offers the best value.
  • Offer a variety of shipping services at different delivery speeds and price points, and let your buyers choose.

If you send a large volume of packages, you can also shop around for discounted carrier rates. Depending on the size of your business, you could qualify for volume discounts or small business. Here are some to consider:

Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™: Formerly VentureOne™, the Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™ program offers discounts of up to 36% on domestic shipping, and 47% on international shipping. Learn more.

Canada Post GST/HST Discount: For transactions over $5, sales tax is waived for items going to international destinations. Learn more.

FedEx Business Bonus®: Save on FedEx Express® and FedEx International Ground® shipments for the first six months after opening a new business account. Conditions apply. Learn more.

UPS Get More Member Card: Members receive discounts on shipping and packaging, printing services, and mailbox rentals, as well as earning Aeroplan® Miles. Learn more.

Purolator Business Rewards®: New members save 40% on listed rates for the first six months, and receive exclusive rewards and savings. Learn more.

Duties, taxes, and fees

Shipping internationally can mean that your item is subject to duties or other fees as it enters your buyer’s home country. Make it clear in your item description that overseas buyers are responsible for any duties, taxes, or import fees levied by their customs service. Be honest about the contents of your package when filling out customs forms—it’s a crime to misrepresent the contents to attempt to avoid customs fees, such as writing "Gift" when it was a purchase.

You can exclude certain regions our countries from the places you’re willing to ship—this is a good way to help protect yourself from fraud or other scams. You can specify countries to exclude on a case-by-case basis in each listing, or you can apply a blanket rule to all of your listings.

Shipping FAQ

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