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2011 Spring Seller Update

  Category & Item Specifics updates
Review the category, catalogue and item specific updates coming April and May  
Category and item specifics updates will be effective in April and May. Review the chart below for details on how your categories might be affected.
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  • Category updates coming this spring bring a more intuitive structure, eliminate redundancies, and improve the shopping experience on eBay.

  • Category updates can result in listings moving from one top level category to another top level category. Listings that get moved to a new category will take on the fee structure of the new top level category.

  • Item Specifics are being updated in the following areas:

    • Cameras & Photo - April 2011
    • Cell Phones & PDAs - April 2011
    • Clothing Shoes & Accessories - April 2011
    • Video Games - April 2011
Starting April 4, 2011 Starting May 2, 2011
Category updates for May are included below. More details and additional updates will be available in April.
Item Specific Changes Cameras & Photo
Updates to Camcorders; Digital Cameras; Memory Cards; Lenses

Cell Phones & PDAs
Updates to PDAs

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
New values, tailoring of recommended item specifics

Video Games
Updates to Video Games

Updates to be posted in April

Catalogue Changes Catalogue updates in Cameras & Photo, Cell Phones & PDAs, and Video Games may require sellers of some products to reselect a more specific product during relist.

Providing unique product identifiers such as UPC, EAN, and ISBN enables buyers to search on these fields and titles. This also enhances discoverability of your listing in outside search engines and mobile applications.

Category Changes Cameras & Photo
  • Category restructuring including changes to categories below Camcorder Accessories and Camera Accessories and removal of Film Camera sub-type categories.
Cell Phones & PDAs
  • Category adjustments including creation of more granular categories for accessories
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  • Men's Clothing; Women's Clothing: removing Size Type categories: Juniors, Petites, Plus Sizes, Plus Size Petites, Big & Tall.

  • Women's Clothing> Hosiery & Socks> Socks: removing Style categories

  • Category adjustments in Men's Clothing, Men's Shoes, Women's Clothing, Women's Handbags & Purses, and Women’s Shoes.

  • Cell Phone Cases; Eyeglass & Contact Lens Cases; iPod/MP3 Player Cases; and Makeup, Cosmetic Cases will be moved from Clothing Shoes & Accessories. In each case, the moved categories will take on the fee structure of the new top level category.

  • Elevation of Dancewear categories from Women's Clothing
  • Arcade, Jukebox & Pinball> Arcade: Category adjustments.
  • Vehicle Make and Model updates.

  • Parts & Accessories: Category adjustments to Lighting & Lamps (in Cars & Trucks and Vintage Cars & Trucks) including creation of Light bulbs
Video Games
  • Category adjustments including creation of accessories sub-categories.

Wine & Alcohol
  • Category restructuring to comply with Canadian liquor sale legislation.

Health & Beauty
  • Dietary Supplements, Nutrition: Category adjustments
Home & Garden
  • Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans: Adding parts categories.

  • Tools> Power Tools> Batteries & Chargers: Removing voltage categories.
Sporting Goods
  • Golf> Bags: Removing Bag type categories.

  • Exercise & Fitness> Gym, Workout & Yoga> Cardiovascular Equipment> Exercise Bikes: Removing Exercise Bike type categories.

  • Team Sports> Baseball & Softball> Bats; Baseballs; Gloves & Mitts: Removing sub-type categories

  • Team Sports> Bowling> Balls: Removing weight categories
  • Luggage Accessories: Category adjustments.

Take Action

  • Start using new & recommended item specifics as soon as the new values are available in March.
  • Carefully review the categories where there are item specific removals and update any listings you have in those categories to avoid blocked listings in bulk relist or bulk edit flows.
  • Review how these changes will impact your existing listings and edit listings if needed to ensure proper categorization and item specifics. Use the bulk editing tool or Selling Manager /Selling Manager Pro to help update active listings. Other tools available:
    • Turbolister
    • Blackthorne
    • File Exchange
    • Bulk Edit and Revise tool updates coming in April to support item specifics
Tips and tools to edit listings


Best Practices

  • Use Item Specifics/Custom Item Specifics where available to help buyers find your items fast.

  • Adopt Product catalogues/Pre-filled Item Information where available

  • Continue to fully describe your item in the body of your listing and make sure this description is consistent with the item specifics value you choose.

  • Provide plenty of photos that complement the description.

  • While an added benefit of listing with the catalogue is the automatic exposure of unique product identifiers like UPC, EAP, and ISBN—include these whenever possible even if you can't list your item with the catalogue. Including it will allow buyers to search on this field and title, and enhance discoverability with outside search engines and mobile applications.
  • If you're listing in a category that uses a product catalogue and you can't find your item, add it to our catalogue.