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2010 Fall Seller Update

Fall 2010 Update
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Shipping enhancements
Buyer communications
Category, Item Specifics & Item Condition updates
Seller checklist
Tips & tools to edit listings announcement
Seller Checklist

Checklist items with this symbol may require updates to your listings. To save time, try to consolidate these changes. Find out how eBay's tips and tools to edit listings and our new bulk edit functionality will make it faster and easier to make changes to your listings.

Starting Now

In July

On July 27, Item Condition becomes mandatory in certain categories for all new listings, revised listings and sell similar. Use the item condition look up table on to see which categories will require changes. Consider using the new bulk functionality - available now to all sellers - to make your edits.
Start listing iPod/ MP3 players, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and DVDs with the catalogue, and If you have items that were not listed with the catalogue, revise or relist them now. Use the advance search functionality in eBay Selling Manager to find out which listings need updating. Starting in mid September, listing with the eBay catalogue will be required for these items - including Good ‘Til Cancelled - whenever there’s a matching product in the catalogue.

In August

If you list on and ship your items from Canada, changes to existing shipping service descriptions may create unrealistic delivery expectations for your US buyers. Consider changing your shipping service selections and/or adjusting your handling time before we begin showing estimated delivery dates to US buyers in September.
Review your Automated Q&A in My eBay. Consider adding customized questions and answers that you receive frequently about your items.
Review the new blocked buyer preferences in My eBay and adjust if you want to prevent your blocked buyers from contacting you.
Review the category and item specifics changes, and apply them to your listings if you sell in those categories.
Set up your Unpaid Item Assistant to automatically relist unpaid items when a case closes and the buyer hasn't paid.

In September

Make sure all PowerSeller icons and references are removed from your listing descriptions, listing templates, About Me pages, My World pages, and Store pages.
Starting on September 20, list FREE-pay no Insertion Fees-in iPod & MP3 Players, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and DVDs, HD DVDs & Blu-ray subcategories when you list, relist, or revise listings with the eBay catalogue. All listings in these subcategories will be required to be listed with the eBay catalogue whenever there's a product in the catalogue that matches your item.
If you have items in these subcategories that were not listed with the catalogue, revise or relist them with the catalogue so they are in compliance with the new requirement and eligible for free Insertion Fees.
Consider adding expedited and free shipping options to boost your holiday sales. The options you offer will be prominently displayed with estimated delivery at the top of the item page and in checkout.
If you want to make changes to shipping fields in your listings, update them as they renew - or see step-by-step instructions for editing your listings in bulk.
Manage customer and eBay email communications the easy way in My Messages:
  • Set up your My Messages default view to display the email information you need most.
  • Customize your email signature.
  • Set up out-of-office notifications to let buyers know when you're unavailable.
Unpaid Item Assistant will be turned on for all PowerSellers. If you prefer not to use it, you can opt out.
Create a list of preferred customers you want to exclude from the Unpaid Item Assistant process.
Try out the new functionality available now to make changes to multiple listings at once. Click the opt-in link in the bulk edit, relist and sell similar flows to enter the new bulk flows. Edit key fields like price, quantity, duration, title and subtitle, as well as item condition. Starting this month you'll also be able to bulk edit many more fields, including listing categories, item description, payment information, shipping fields, and product details. You'll also be able to use "find and replace" to bulk edit listing descriptions.

In October

Try the Listing Analytics application when it launches in October. Subscribe to this free tool directly from the Applications tab in My eBay or from your Seller Dashboard and Selling Manager/Selling Manager Pro either or Use this information leading up to the holiday season to help increase traffic to your listings and bring more sales.
If you use eBay's Shipping Calculator in your listings, you can specify a discounted rate for domestic and international shipments to make your listings more competitive. Choose "Offer Discounts in the Shipping Calculator" in Shipping preferences in My eBay to set your discounted rates.

Check out the announcement Overview page for more complete details and FAQs on these upcoming changes.