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2010 Fall Seller Update

Fall 2010 Update
Stay on top
Shipping enhancements
Buyer communications
Category, Item Specifics & Item Condition updates
Seller checklist
Tips & tools to edit listings announcement

With the 2010 Holiday selling season just around the corner, updates are coming this fall to help you take full advantage of the increased holiday traffic, maximize sales, and streamline your operations.

Updates that impact your selling are now being consolidated with lead time to adapt. These updates are scheduled to launch between September 7 and September 13 unless otherwise noted. This is the third and final seller update for 2010.

Stay on top with great value and service
Improve service, reduce buyer questions with shipping enhancements
Streamline buyer communications
Category, Item Specifics, and Item Condition changes consolidated with rest of updates. Find out if your listings are impacted.

Get tools and tips to make editing your listings faster and easier.

See the Seller Checklist for more information about how these updates affect you.

Learn more from other sellers and eBay staff in the seller update discussion forum on

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